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As anticipated, the Louisiana Republican Party leaders have taken credit for stopping the invading army of tax hogs descending upon the state.   After the prior special session, despite a GOP-Democratic-Edwards coalition, they pinned the tax tale increase solely on John Bel Edwards and his band of donkeys. Today, via email, the party said:

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Yesterday Louisianans dodged a potential tax increase, despite the attempt of an overeager Republican lawmaker to put a fig leaf of respectability on it, but remain in the woods on the issue.

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GOP empire wrong to strike back at Trump
Tuesday, 07 June 2016 14:17

Here we go again, another media firestorm directed against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. This time his “grave” offense was to criticize a federal judge presiding over a class action lawsuit against Trump University.

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Ever since Ronald Reagan left office, conservatives have been on the losing end of the GOP presidential nomination battles.

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Is Donald Trump whining about the GOP being corrupt and the election process being rigged?  Or, does  Trump have a legitimate case and, in fact, is winning by raising the issue?  

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donald riotsIt appears that Donald Trump believes if he were to go to the convention with a strong lead,  that he should automatically be declared the Republican Party nominee.  His argument goes--If he were not to receive the nomination after the primary and caucus process, then the will of the people will be undermined and the result could be riots.

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trump mouthFront runner Donald Trump scored another strong performance in the 6th Republican presidential debate last night. A Drudge Report poll showed 54% of respondents believed Trump won the debate, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz coming in second at 31%.

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lagop damageSome political notes to runinate over some holiday egg-nog and rum:


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landry drillingIncoming Louisiana Attorney General Jefff Landry has announced today Wilber L. “Bill” Stiles as his Chief Deputy Attorney General-designate, also known as the first assistant. Stiles will be presented to the State Senate for confirmation when Landry takes office.

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Vitter gobbling up more GOP endorsements
Wednesday, 23 September 2015 12:36

VITTER--CHICKENNo doubt, US Senator David Vitter is winning the money war and the endorsement war.  His own campaign and that of his Super PAC, Fund for Louisiana's Future have substantial funds as they have taken to the airwaves in the gubernatorial election.  

Today, his press office released the following statement concerning even more support--endorsements:

David Vitter announced a number of key endorsements for his gubernatorial campaign from multiple Republican Parish Executive Committees from across the state.

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