Passwords, credit cards and other sensitive data are at risk after security researchers discovered a problem with an encryption technology used to securely transmit email, e-commerce transactions, social networking posts and other Web traffic.

Security researchers say the threat, known as Heartbleed, is serious, partly because it remained undiscovered for more two years. Attackers can exploit the vulnerability without leaving any trace, so anything sent during that time has potentially been compromised. It's not known, though, whether anyone has actually used it to conduct an attack.

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Republicans hope they've made a big leap toward closing the digital gap against Democrats, after getting their own ".gop" Internet address ending -- a change they say will improve their brand and provide members with “a street address in the Republican neighborhood.”

The change was approved several days ago by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, which allows .gop to join the ranks of .com, .org, .edu and other so-called “top-level domains.

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FILE: Dec. 17, 2013: Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., outlines his annual Wastebook, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.AP

Anyone who's used the Internet knows that if you want a government document or research report, it's probably available online -- often for free. 

And that's caught the attention of a bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers, who last week introduced a bill to abolish an "outdated" and little-known federal agency they warn -- though still making money by performing document searches and other services for a fee -- will soon become Internet-age obsolete.

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The future of smartwatches
Monday, 31 March 2014 09:17

Smartwatches are becoming more established and competition is growing as companies like Google step into the business.

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Jennifer Aniston is 42?


The “Friends” star made sure to show off every inch of her killer body at Elle magazine’s 18th annual Women in Hollywood event Monday night in Beverly Hills.

Aniston wore a sparkly silver minidress that put the twentysomethings on the red carpet to shame.

Click for more pics of Aniston at the Elle bash.

Despite spending nearly half her life under the glare of the cameras, Jennifer Aniston admits she's still not used to baggage that comes with it, from paparazzi to the tabloid headlines.

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Apparently thousands of people a year want to know how to hide a dead body.

Offering further evidence of just how creepy the Internet can be when it wants to be, new research from Australian search optimization agency Search Factory highlights the oddest things people search for each month on Google (GOOG). 

The research was born when the Brisbane-based team started wondering how Google rates the auto-complete suggestions that pop up when typing in search queries on Google.com.

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Bars banning Google Glass
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 10:46

Some in San Francisco are mounting a campaign against Google Glass. CNN's Dan Simon reports.

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cloud1The cloud has been making major strides in the consumer market for several years, but now it seems that it is about to take off in enterprise computing as well. According to a recent forecast by IDC, one of the world’s leading IT market analysis firms, 2014 is going to be the year that the cloud enters the mainstream of enterprise computing.

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ford-puts-self-driving-car-on-show1This week, Ford unveiled its vision of the future – a prototype for an autonomous vehicle based on the Ford Fusion Hybrid. The company will be using the vehicle as part of a research program that it hopes will lead to it launching a driverless car to market by 2025. Ford is working with the University of Michigan and the insurance firm State Farm on the initiative, which is intended to catapult Ford into the lead in the race to bring driverless cars to the mass market.

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Published on Dec 20, 2013

This is the first in a series of four videos walking you through getting started with the Google Maps JavaScript API (http://goo.gl/JnoETx). This video covers creating a your first map. The series covers:
Creating a map
Getting a Maps API key
Using the key and the loader
Walking through the basics of the code

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