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trump scriptHas Donald Trump finally begun his pivot resulting in better poll numbers against Hillary Clinton?

In a Facebook Live video interview on Monday, Louisiana pollster John Couvillon of JMC Analytics of Louisiana, believes that the controversial real estate magnate 's fall might have bottomed out.

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byrd clintonYesterday, I posted on Facebook the just-released video ad by Hillary Clinton.

The ad shows the close connection between the right wing, the alt-right and Donald Trump.

I said in the post that I agree with the ad as, in my view, it showed the close connection to Donald Trump and bigotry.   I don’t need Hillary Clinton to tell me this.  Been around the block or two and I can tell one when I speak to one or hear one nightly on TV.  


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hillary candy trump steakIt has been 265 days since the Democrat Party presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, held a news conference. This type of press stonewalling is unprecedented for a presidential candidate in modern American political history. 

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obama hillaryThe Obama-Clinton Democrats think Americans are dumb.

We’re so dumb, and so easily distracted, that Obama and Hilary think we won’t keep asking about whether Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department paid a cash ransom of $400 million dollars to Iran to return a handful of U.S. citizens imprisoned there.

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trump smokeForgive me if I have problems seeing the true, the REAL Donald Trump. 

I thought I had a vivid impression of him.  His face, his demeanor his philosophy, his political strategy seemed so clear.

Until this week.  Now, he is a fog of an image.

Yesterday, Donald Trump suddenly read via teleprompter that he has regrets for words he has used during the campaign.  Yet, he has not told us which words he regrets.   

Does he have regrets telling his critics that they are lying about his promoting racists tweets, and one in particular, a Jewish star with a cache of cash in back of Hillary Clinton?

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mediaThe liberal media’s love affair with Bill and Hillary Clinton is in full bloom during this presidential race. 

For years, mainstream news reporters have been covering for Bill Clinton, dismissing legitimate claims from numerous women that the former President engaged in sexual abuse, harassment, groping and even rape.

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jeff steve fb liveTrump vs. Clinton. Watch and join the discussion tonight.

Might not be as famous as the Carville-Matalin duo, but, some argue it’s certainly just as combative.

Jeff Crouere and Stephen Sabludowsky, two political junkies will be discussing (and arguably, debating) the U.S. Presidential Race—Trump vs. Clinton, tonight (Monday night August 15) on Facebook Live at 8:15 pm.  The discussion can be seen on Sabludowsky’s, Crouere’s and Louisiana Politics Facebook pages.

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bushesIn November, Americans will elect either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as President. All minor party candidates as well as an upstart “conservative” alternative to Donald Trump have no prayer of victory. Any Republican or conservative who does not support the GOP nominee might as well join former liberal Connecticut Republican Congressman Chris Shays and formally endorse Hillary Clinton. 

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data drought 3No doubt, the Republican Party has dominated Congressional elections since 2010 and it appears it just might not do so again in 2016.  

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trump footWhoooooa! He said what?  If there were ever a poster child for continually sticking one’s foot in mouth, it would be Donald Trump. Rather than attack his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, Trump can’t seem to help himself by going rogue and making outrageous statements that even his most die-hard supporters find difficult to defend. 

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