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trump clinton debateWho won last night’s debate?

In form, content, demeanor and just about every other way to look at the words, “win” and “lose”, the winner was decisive, Hillary Clinton.

Now, a disclaimer.

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Trump fox 0It was no surprise that the Commission on Presidential Debates which has a board of directors filled with liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans would pick liberal moderators for the presidential debates this year. They do it every four years in an attempt to help the Democrat presidential candidate. For some reason, Republican presidential nominees agree to this biased treatment.

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clinton cleanIn a bizarre video message this week to the Laborers International Union of North America, Hillary Clinton asked, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”

She seemed concerned that her opponent, Donald Trump, had closed the gap in the polls. Clinton claimed that Trump was staunchly opposed to labor unions, but she had a long history of support.


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mediaAt this point in the race, as his poll numbers are surging and Hillary Clinton is dealing with the negative fallout over her health scare and continual lying; only the media can stop Donald Trump from being elected the next President of the United States. 

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trump compressedSo President Obama, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton birther debate is over, right?

Not exactly.

Today as represented by this twitter video, is one of those days that opens up to a Friday weekend of news reports and talking heads.  What might be the story line?

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trump crowdAccording to Louisiana pollster John Couvillon of JMC Analytics, Donald Trump is closing in on the Hillary Clinton campaign, both nationally and in the swing states. 

Gaffe-free Trump closing on troubled Clinton nationally, swing states.  Interview with Louisiana pollster John Couvillon discussing the United States Presidential race.

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ozby Mike Malak

Now that media is obsessed with Mrs. Clinton’s health, because she is, after all, a Clinton, which implies un-trustworthiness, let's talk about "trustworthiness" for a moment. Is Trump University trustworthy? How about all those bankruptcies? What about the undocumented Polish workers he subjected to deplorable working conditions and then refused to pay. There are, also, the singing little girls, of all people, that he hired to appear at a rally. They're suing him, for guess what, money he owes them under terms of their rally performance contract but didn't pay. 


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hillary healthAccording to the Clinton campaign, Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, yet continued to conduct meetings and attend public events for two days. This information was not disclosed to the public until Sunday, after she became “overheated” at a 9/11 event and was forced to leave early. Interestingly, the temperature on Sunday was in the high 70’s, certainly not very hot for a New York summer day. 

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Polls: Donald Trump owns Louisiana
Tuesday, 13 September 2016 11:40


Trump fox 0 by Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net

Louisiana is never considered a key state in presidential elections, so it has not been easy to determine how voters feel about the race.

    But we finally have two polling snapshots on the Bayou State, and one thing seems certain.  Republican Donald Trump owns Louisiana and will pocket the state’s eight electoral votes.



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deplorable adThe discussion about Hillary Clinton's foolish “deplorable” statement describing a population of Donald Trump’s supporters is fast becoming political legend. Some believe that the comment could be as hurtful to Clinton as the 47% was to Mitt Romney in 2012.

Trump’s organization took no time in circulating an ad denouncing Clinton for the over-arching statement she made last week at a fundraiser.

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