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michelle obama hairby Mike Manak

Val Kilmer, Marisa Tomei, Evanna Lynch, Anna Kendrick, Ray Charles, Peter Finch, and Viola Davis are adept at scene stealing. They are the ones leading actors watch out for, lest their spotlights be usurped by these, and other, supporting players whose names are farther down in the credits.  

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kaineWell, it has been a very disastrous few days for Hillary Clinton. The Republicans finished their convention which gave Donald Trump a nice bounce in the polls. Except for the establishment and die hard Ted Cruz supporters, the GOP is united behind Trump as their nominee.

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sandersThe Democratic National Convention is a celebration of big lies.

And the big “scare” is underway.

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trump smokeDonald Trump gave the speech of his life to conclude a rowdy, but successful, Republican National Convention. As with Trump productions, there was showmanship and plenty of self-promotion and the American people loved it. Ratings skyrocketed with over 22 million Americans tuned in to the convention on a daily basis.

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busThe following is an unrehearsed commentary.  Below is the transcript and video.

Does the Melania Trump seach ordeal bother you?  Well, it does bother me and here's why:

Somebody somewhere is not telling the truth. 

Let's look at the history you have the speech--prior to the speech Melania tells NBC that she wrote the speech at least most of the speech and as much as, she wrote the speech as much as possible.

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trump campaignSeveral weeks ago, the media reported that Donald Trump's campaign was on life support. Polls showed him losing to Hillary Clinton by ever greater margins. He was blasted for his aggressive response to the terror attack in Orlando and he continued to receive criticism over his comments regarding the Hispanic judge handling the Trump University case. The media was also fixated on an anti-Hillary tweet that supposedly featured the Star of David with images of cash in the background. Trump denied the charge, but had to deal with the media fallout for weeks.

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couvillon fb live2Two recent polls, including one conducted by Louisiana pollster John Couvillon of JMC Enterprises of Louisiana, showed that Donald Trump has made strong gains in the State of Florida--a very important swing state and perhaps a state Trump needs to carry, in order to win the presidency.

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trump engineby Sarah Whalen


Hear that noise?

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Is it time to get technical yet?

Did Hillary Clinton violate federal laws by moving U.S. Government documents and emails to her private server?

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So, for all practical purposes, it is over.
Hillary Clinton likely won’t be a criminal.  At least, not now, and not about her emails.

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