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by Michael Malak
Americans are sick and tired of being pushed around, at home and abroad, and are ready to fight. We’ve heeded the advice of Howard Beale, the quixotic anchorman in “Network,” and opened our windows and yelled “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Hence, Trump and, whence Sanders, but does it end there. Shout a resounding “No”!

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The issue is Donald Trump, his business interests, his tax returns and his vision for America.

It is a given that Trump is an amazing person.  He has a compelling presence, has accomplished remarkable things in his life, created opportunities for tens of thousands and has inspired a large population of Americans to be involved in the process.

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by Ron Chapman
Americans will be examining the candidates closely as the Presidential campaigns gear up for the final run.  Unfortunately for Hillary, she has problems with honesty and credibility.  Her polls numbers prove that 56% of Americans do not trust her. Despite the fact they she is trying to make the election about a “war on women”, both Hillary and Bill have a dismal record in this regard.

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What are TrumpEscorts.com and MystiqueCompanions.com?   

Has Donald J. Trump, through any of his business interests, engaged in the business of women escorting services whether through these two Internet URLs or related businesses?

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Does Donald Trump have a woman problem?  How about Bill and Hillary Clinton?

Oh, Brothere, do they?  So does America, but , perhaps, in the worst way.

The New York Times wrote a blistering article for its Sunday front page, but, Trump and company seized the opportunity to fight back and hurt the Times by making it appear the paper was picking on him.  Trump played the victim which he has gotten down to a T.

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The names Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton mean much to so many different people in Louisiana and throughout America.  Some hate them.  Others love them. 
In Louisiana, a super-duper red state, it appears Trump is favored to win the state.  Yet, because of his controversial statements and his unpredictability, it is difficult to determine how the “Wacky Worlds of Clinton vs. Trump” will impact the local and national elections set for this fall--for US Congress and for US Senate.

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Donald Trump is using the “E” word.

He just called Hillary Clinton an “enabler.”

His meaning is clear: Without Hillary’s...uhm...what is the right word, exactly?  “Support?”  “Encouragement?”  “Turning a blind eye to?”

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Ted Cruz outed and those giant sucking sounds of spanking Trump and Hillary, politically

Ted Cruz has finally left the Republican presidential primary’s stage, but not without some famous last words.

And they involve, well, how to put this?

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Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and, Lee Harvey Oswald.
OMG, who?.

Oswald, you know, the guy up there in the book dispensery.  The one accused of gunning down JFK.

So, how did he get in here?  Is he running for President, too?
Well, not exactly.  

You see, Jeff Crouere, the WGSO radio talk show host (and my good friend), is a staunch Donald Trump supporter.  I am for now, a #NeverTrump (er).

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by Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net

Presidential money
    If you think a lot of money is being spent on the 2016 presidential race, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  It’s just the primary season, and the serious spending will begin with the general election.

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