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kennedy officeby Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net 

 Campbell leads Senate race

    A new poll on the U.S. Senate race conducted by JMC Analytics has Democrat Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell leading the pack and headed for the runoff.
    That’s the conclusion reached by John Couvillion of JMC Analytics in analyzing the poll, which was conducted for the campaign of Republican U.S. Rep. John Fleming.

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horse raceBy Lou Gehrig Burnett


    The campaign finance reports are in for the U.S. Senate candidates, and it’s not surprising that the race has gotten into millions of dollars for some candidates.


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house shock smallAnother shocking Senate poll

    On the heels of one shocking poll comes another.  Last week we reported on a poll conducted by Baton Rouge pollster Southern Media and Opinion  Research (SMOR).
    Now comes a poll from JMC Analytics and Polling,, headed up by John Couvillion of Baton Rouge.  But there is a big difference.  The SMOR poll was an independent poll, paid for by businessmen, lobbyists, and others.
    The JMC poll was apparently paid for by the John Fleming campaign, according to Steve Sabludowsky of Bayoubuzz.com and Tyler Bridges, a reporter for the Baton Rouge Advocate.

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kennedy officeYesterday, pollster John Couvillon of JMC Enterprises of Louisiana/Analytics and Polling, emailed a notice to his newsletter subscribers that he would be interviewed via a Bayoubuzz Facebook Live, regarding what he called his “somewhat controversial commissioned” poll.

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boustanyWhat’s going on?

For months, John Kennedy, Louisiana Treasurer, has owned a double-digit lead over his closest opponent in the US Senate race. Charles Boustany, Congressman from Lafayette has polled in single digits. Today, according to a poll just published Wednesday by Southern Media & Opinion Research, Kennedy now holds a roughly two-point lead which is a statistical tie with Boustany with less than two months left to go in the general election.

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kennedy office According to John Couvillon of JMC analytics, the “hot” issue in the US Senate race right now is the controversy involving Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy and Congressman Charles Boustany.  Kennedy, on Monday, sent out an email announcing his non-involvement in circulating information about his chief republican US Senate rival,  Boustany.  In a book, it is alleged that Boustany was involved in a prostitution scandal.   Boustany has denied the allegations and has accused his opponent of spreading false misinformation.

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kennedyYesterday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced his official endorsement of Caroline Fayard in the race for U.S. Senate. 

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  fleming  North Louisiana’s hopes of sending one of its own to Washington to serve as a U.S. Senator for the first time in two decades looks increasingly dim, according  to the latest poll of that contest.

    A joint effort between the website The Hayride and Remington Research found Republican state Treasurer John Kennedy leading the field with 27 percent, with north Louisiana’s Public Service Commissioner Democrat Foster Campbell a distant 11 points behind, followed closely by Republican Rep. Charles Boustany and lawyer and former statewide candidate Democrat Caroline Fayard. 

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Farwell 0164 2Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton; United States congressional elections; Louisiana U.S. Senate race.

If you live in Louisiana and you watch politics, is there anything else to discuss?

One of the individuals in the middle and who has his pulse on the political flow is Attorney, Republican Consultant and Author, James P. Farwell.

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john couvillon senateWith 24 candidates running for US Senate, with only a few able to really gain any real traction, what can the state expect as we move into Labor Day, which some call, the official start of the campaign?

Pollster, John Couvillon of JMC Analytics of Louisiana, discussed the race on Monday during a Facebook Live interview discussion with Bayoubuzz Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky.

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