kate diDo you mind spending $10.00 for a magazine?

That’s with tax, but still– ten smackeroos?

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harry-dianaWell, Prince George may not yet know his ABCs, but his parents are teaching him to do at least one thing well– he knows how to wave.

Being that George is being raised almost entirely by his Middleton relatives, perhaps he will grow to believe that this is all a Royal personage need know how to do.

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kate-babyThe disinformation campaign has started!

If you go by The Telegraph, it involves the pretty baby and “the ugly truth.”

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charlotte-doll“Hello, Dolly!  Well, hello, Dolly!  It’s so nice to have you home where you belong....

“You’re lookin’ swell, Dolly.  I can’t tell, Dolly, if you’re really real or just another fakey pong...”

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willieHow quickly things can change.
Just days ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton declared up and down about how they were retreating behind the barricades to domestic bliss at Anmer Hall in Sandringham.

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kate-pippaPrince William and Kate Middleton have drawn a line in the sand.

I mean, a line in Sandringham.

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kate-middleton-girlThe Town Crier in his costume announced earlier today that Kate Middleton had “safely been delivered of a girl.”

Congratulations, really!

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kate-hospitalWhat do you do when you are Kate Middleton, married to Prince William, you claim you are pregnant, and you are now four days past your due date? http://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2015/kate-middleton-induce-labor-st-marys-hospital-baby-birth-past-due-date/.

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Or do I mean “Cheech?”

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kate-flowersHas Kate Middleton gone all dotty?


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