mothersdayNot the kind of news you would want to hear or read about as Mothers Day nears.

But, here goes.

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med-weedMedical marijuana industry in Louisiana just got a little greener.  The chances of the plant becoming more acceptable in the Bayou State might no longer be a pipedream of weed advocates.  Wednesday April 29 will be marked as somewhat of a breakthrough for those interested in the state becoming more pot-friendly, although not like Colorado, Washington or the District of Columbia, which has approved recreational marijuana.

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louisiana-entertainmentThe only real conclusion observers could draw from the Louisiana Legislature’s initial attempt to reform its wasteful Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit is that it seems sacred and bound to continue keeping hooked its crack baby to the detriment of the state and its people.

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Health reformIt's getting curiouser and curiouser these days at the Louisiana Capitol wonderland.

Medicaid expansion, the Obama ogre healthcare solution, is getting another look on Wednesday and advocates on both sides of the issue are at the battle lines.

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Louisiana State Capitol at nightWithout saying Jindal or using the word "governor", it is clear that the House leadership is ready to move separate from Governor Bobby Jindal, who many believe has been AWOL from service over the past years.

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jindal-cavutoLouisiana is in the middle of a cataclysmic budget deficit which has already socked the LSU bonding abilities, is causing havoc to the state’s  healthcare industry and is forcing the Louisiana legislature to be especially creative in cobbling together a budget that the governor would approve.   

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kangaroo-court2by Stephen Waguespack, President, CEO of GNO Inc.

A good reputation is hard to earn, but often easy to lose. A bad reputation is the exact opposite.

Over time, Louisiana has earned a national reputation as a state with a poor legal climate. Sensible and fair-minded people may disagree as to whether or not that reputation is just, but regardless of your opinion on that question, there is no doubt how the nation sees us.

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new-orleans-tourism-compressed1WalletHub has ranked Shreveport as the top city in the United States to start a business while New Orleans is ranked 14th. 

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vitter-memoOn twitter today, the Louisiana gubernatorial election meet the US presidential election.

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kangaroo-courtby Jim Brown

Remember the scene in the movie, The Fugitive, where Harrison Ford is about to jump off a cliff into a raging river?  He turns to his pursuer, a federal agent played by Tommy Lee Jones, and says: “I’m innocent!”  Jones shakes his head and says: “I don’t care.”  In recent months, a series of investigative reports from across the Bayou State have concluded that numerous federal and state prosecutors are primarily interested in winning — getting the indictment, the guilty plea, the conviction. But when it comes to seeking justice, one could argue that many prosecutors just don’t seem to care.

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