cash-floatShould any of the projected $6.7B dollars that Louisiana anticipates be used for the general funds now that the BP oil spill settlement has been agreed upon, subject to court approval? 

The Louisiana State budget under Governor Bobby Jindal that went into effect on July 1 was $1.6B in the hole until the legislature raised over $700B in taxes on businesses.  Future projections for state budgets are between one and two billion dollars per year. 

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jindal-waveIs Louisiana dragging its feet now that the US Supreme Court has issued its ruling in same sex marriage?

The State of Louisiana has issued a statement today concerning the US Supreme Court decision, however, the representative representing the Equality Louisiana, a gay-advocacy group is somewhat puzzled.  Here is the statement from the DHH, the Department of Health and Hospitals under Governor Bobby Jindal:  

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jindal-runOn Wednesday night, hours after the big event, Former Louisiana State Official Jim Brown and Monroe News-Star (Gannet) Greg Hilburn engaged in a google hangout phone conference with Bayoubuzz Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, to discuss Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign announcement.   

Hilburn called into the conference via phone.

SABLUDOWSKY: There's a big night here in Louisiana--Gov. Jindal has entered the presidential ring, so Greg, why don't you give us an idea as to what happened? You were down there.  Go ahead please.

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jindal-state-of-unionby Stephen Sabludowsky

When Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal faces the nation tomorrow, as he announces his official run for President of the United States, there are certainties.

He will criticize President Obama and Hillary Clinton and the democrats.  He will warn us about the war on religious liberty.  He will boldly state he has successfully balanced the budget every year without raising taxes.  He will tell the world that Louisiana’s economy, under his leadership has performed miracles, thus, the country can anticipate the same under his stewardship--if he were president.

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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport man is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager in a downtown restroom Friday night.

Shreveport Police say the 15-year-old stopped an officer near the intersection of Crockett and Commerce Streets saying a man had sexually assaulted him in a nearby bathroom.

The investigation led officers to 22-year-old Brandon Brooks of the 200 block of West 69th Street.

Brooks is charged with one count of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

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by Jim Brown

Who would have thought that the most notable legislation in the recently completed session of the Louisiana legislature was increasing taxes by over one billion dollars, and legalizing marijuana use for certain purposes.  Some observers around the state capitol wondered sarcastically just where did all the conservative republicans go?  

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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - First the first time in 3 years there will be a new champion in the American Basketball Association. The back-to-back defending league champion Shreveport/Bossier Mavericks has announced it has left the ABA to join the Premier Basketball League, following a press release by the PBL earlier on Monday.

Since joining the ABA in 2008, the Mavs have won 4 league championships, two in Beaumont, TX and two in Shreveport/Bossier. The Mavericks posted this

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cassidyby Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net

Clout takes a big hit

    Poof!  That’s what happened to Louisiana’s clout in Congress when Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu lost her Senate seat to Republican Bill Cassidy.

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The tornado was part of a line of severe thunderstorms that moved across Louisiana late Monday night and Tuesday.

The EF-1 tornado — one of the weakest designations — damaged the roofs of the Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts, the Southeast Telecom, Inc. building and a fire station across the street, the weather service said.

"We are very fortunate that it appears there are no injuries," Kenner Mayor Michael Yenni said in a news release.

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mothersdayNot the kind of news you would want to hear or read about as Mothers Day nears.

But, here goes.

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