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trump campaignGlad to see that the Louisiana GOP is trying to put a stop to David Duke since he is an embarrassment to the state and to the party.

Yesterday, it was reported that there is an effort to disallow him from running as a Republican.


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whiteImagine if an audit of Louisiana’s Head Start schools came back showing that almost every one of them kept sloppy records, so much so that the schools could not demonstrate that the government money they received was being “spent only on ‘educational purposes.’”

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capitol-dcRight now, it’s the battle of the political parties as surrogates and the IRS and taxes are the main issues.

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lagop logo new 600 stripesHas the Louisiana Republican Party’s executive committee’s claim of government intrusion into its financial records, a grenade that is exploding in its own hands?


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jindal-speechThe more I watch the goings on at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge, the more it looks like the U.S. Capitol in D.C.

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jindal-historicIn 2012, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s major legislative policy item was education reform.  In 2013, his focus is clearly upon financing state government and growing the economy in what appears to be a major tax reform.


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Jindal-collageDear friends, Dear Bobby, Dear fellow Republicans and Dear fellow Democrats,  

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Jindal-campaignto the Louisiana GOP via an email blast today, "Louisiana Republicans have gained thee key leadership positions in recent months that will help to redirect the national Republican Party in 2013.

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LouisianaDemocraticPartySubtract the results of the Second Congressional District, and it is possible that the votes for Libertarian and no party candidates in all of the other U.S. House contests will exceed those cast for Democrats across the rest of Louisiana, belying the notion that state Democrats are anywhere near a sustained and successful rebuilding effort.

The final qualifying statistics registered Republicans having one or more candidates in all six districts, in five of which they are favored overwhelmingly, Libertarians contesting all but the First, and Democrats competing in just three, and in the Second their Rep. Cedric Richmond is the heavy reelection favorite. Besides those dismal statistics for the state’s former majority party, some others compound recognition of its plight.

By the numbers, the most competitive district for the party outside of the Second was supposed to be the Fourth. Instead, Republican Rep. John Fleming gets the closest thing running to a free ride in the state this cycle with only a Libertarian opposing him. Perhaps the next most vulnerable for the GOP was the Fifth, but Republican Rep. Rodney Alexander almost got off as easily, also facing a Libertarian and a no party contestant who has run for office before and has been treated by voters as a crank.


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