LA Demos Pick up; Glover Running?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 07:03

cedric glover newWhat about the 4th District?
    All of a sudden, the Democratic Party seems alive and well in the Pelican State. It has a candidate shaking up the 6th District Congressional race and potential 2015 gubernatorial candidates doing well in the polls.

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cassidyWith the Senatorial elections less than eight months away, the Louisiana Democrats and Republicans have both thrown away the kid gloves - if they ever wore them. Not surprisingly, both parties are looking for issues that appeal to large groups of voters, and they have found it in healthcare and the Affordable Care Act, which for now appears to be the only game in town.

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old-louisiana-capitolThe Louisiana political news stories for December 18, 2003: Speaker Kleckley, Louisiana legislature, Democrats's Christmas cheer, LABI serves Krauthammer, Forward New Orleans's election time and the GOP's daily blast:  

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Louisiana Democrats pop the gator on Vitter
Thursday, 05 December 2013 15:34

vitter-gatorDavid Vitter has made news this week, not only in Louisiana but throughout the land of “Politics Nation”.

The Republican Louisiana US Senator went public this week admitting that he just might run for Louisiana Governor.

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jindal-betIf you’re Gov. Bobby Jindal and his legislative budgetary allies, you call the bluff.


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