jindal-speechIn many ways, today, might be called the first day of the legislative seession 2014 as Governor Bobby Jindal submitted a balanced budget proposal to the Legislature.   Here is the Jindal press release that explains the Executive budget and the governor's priorities.

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scholarshipsAs Louisiana progresses through its second year of its statewide Student Scholarships for Education Excellence program, data produced still can’t reveal whether the program is improving significantly the lot of children or what effect if any it may have, even as it succeeds on a cost basis.

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grambling-Just a few weeks ago, the nation was shocked by the revelations at the athletic department at Grambling University. Football players actually boycotted a game to express their frustration with the horrific conditions. Players complained about filth, mold, and dirty uniforms.

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time-outLouisiana’s governor, Bobby Jindal and his Superintendent of Education, John White, wants us to believe that their monumental reform program, “Louisiana Believes” will provide an honest, accountable, and more proficient way to provide the most fundamental service to our children, the best education possible that we can afford.

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whiteImagine if an audit of Louisiana’s Head Start schools came back showing that almost every one of them kept sloppy records, so much so that the schools could not demonstrate that the government money they received was being “spent only on ‘educational purposes.’”

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Jindal-collageLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who has touted his education reforms nationally, might need to re-educate the public, the legislature and perhaps even the judicial system as a Baton Rouge judge dismissed Gov. Bobby Jindal's revamp of teacher tenure laws as unconstitutional because it was contained in legislation with too many other items.


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Jindal-kingFirst it was a federal judge who threw out Piyush Jindal’s voucher plan in Tangipahoa Parish because it posed a major setback to the parish’s current desegregation consent decree.


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jindal-brassThe politics behind the decision made by state District Judge Tim Kelley are murky to discern, but, despite an adverse ruling in part, the decision actually favors reformers, including Gov. Bobby Jindal, supporting the scholarship voucher program.


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school-punish1Part of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's education legislation which passed the legislative body in warp speed early this spring has become derailed as a state Judge found that the paying mechanism for the controversial voucher program was constitutional.

The legislation had been touted by Jindal and others as a way to transform not just Louisiana education but American education.  As a result, and because Jindal has been pegged to be one of the future republican leaders, the setback at the hands of the Court has sent ripples throughout the local and national media.  Here is a sample as to what has been recently written about the legislation and the Court ruling.


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karen-carter-peterson"The Louisiana Democratic Party calls for an immediate halt to Governor Jindal's unconstitutional voucher program in the face of this ruling, and a return of all funding and students to local public school districts,"


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