Health reformSince the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, more than 8 million Americans have enrolled.

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Medicaid-ExpansionObamacare and specifically the Medicaid expansion have been debated in the Louisiana legislature and throughout the political state capitols over the past few years.  In a recent panel discussion at Loyola University, both former Democratic Louisiana governors, Edwin Edwards and Kathleen expressed their opinions that Louisiana should expand Medicaid in Louisiana, a policy the Louisiana GOP and governor Jindal has strongly opposed.  

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Health reformThe Louisiana Democratic Party is rejoicing somewhat over two comments by important republican elected officials, which statements might either help or haunt them in the future.

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AIDS and HIV patients in Louisiana who have insurance under Obamacare are in danger of losing their coverage as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana begins rejecting checks over fraud concerns.

HealthCareDebateOne of the major issues arising out of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) debate is its complexity.

As the law’s opponents have often argued, the law is made up of thousands of pages and even more thousands of rules that few have read and which no one seems to understand.

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Interesting news from Louisiana, where on Saturday political newcomer Vance McAllister toppled state Sen. Neil Riser in an all-Republican runoff for the state's vacant 5th Congressional District seat. McAllister came out in support of Medicaid expansion, which has been rejected thus far by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, prompting Riser to argue that "a vote for Vance McAllister is a vote for Obamacare." Apparently, this time, Obamacare won.

The politics of Medicaid expansion have always been complicated.