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Mayor Mitch Landrieu is facing a big budget squeeze.

Courts have ruled that the city of New Orleans must pay millions of dollars to shore up the firefighters pension fund, upgrade the parish prison’s abominable conditions and reform the police force.

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Dardenne-vitter-kennedyAlthough the Louisiana gubernatorial election is roughly eighteen months away, there is always plenty to discuss, especially when there is a recently-released poll to talk about.

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Louisiana capitolIt happens every spring.
As baseballs fill the pollen-infiltrated air, so do politics and the Louisiana legislature.
"Who’s on first" might be the call of the spring national pastime nationwide, but in Louisiana, the way to pass the time is not by juicing tobacco, but by chewing over the latest poll stats, hot legislative issue and by talking about the real state sport-- the game of elections and legislative affairs.

With a new poll being released last week by business-man Lane Grigsby, Bayoubuzz.com has turned to Bernie Pinsonat of Southern Media and Opinion Research for his insights with politics, polls and legislative homers and strike-outs.

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Mayor calls for civil service system reform
Thursday, 03 April 2014 15:17

Mayor Mitch Landrieu is calling for big changes to the civil service system in the areas of hiring and promotions. Along with those reforms, the mayor is also proposing a raise in the minimum wage for city workers.

Landrieu called the current system outdated and said the proposals are all about modernizing civil service. In essence, the plan would give the administration more flexibility when it comes to hiring and promoting civil service workers.

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new-orleans-tourismOn Saturday, only 25% of eligible voters in New Orleans participated in the runoff election. 

Despite the low turnout, those who did vote sent a loud and clear message: it is time for a change. 

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Landrieu-re-elected-smallGov. Mitch Landrieu?
    A recent poll has stunned Louisiana political analysts and potential candidates for governor in 2015.
    LaPolitics first reported that a Voter Consumer Research poll reveals that New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is the front-runner for the state’s top job.

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cassidyThe Nagin Trial. The trial of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has ended with guilty verdicts in 20 of 21 counts. The trial brings to an end a sad chapter in New Orleans politics that began with such high hopes.

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vitter-gatorNever normally means never, except for perhaps in the land of politics.

In 2009, then, Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu said he was not entering the race for New Orleans mayor.

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Landrieu-re-elected-smallThe past pair of elections for New Orleans mayor set up intrigue because in both instances, then-Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu ran and a victory meant statewide ramifications upon his leaving that office. But in 2014 as mayor, his ability to retain that office does the same.

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new-orleans-tourismFour years ago, voters in New Orleans cast ballots as the Saints were on the road to the Super Bowl. As can be expected, the Mayor’s race was an afterthought.
This year, the election season has been incredibly compact. After qualifying in mid-December, there were the holidays, the Saints’s march to the playoffs, and the winter ice storm.  As a result, many voters don’t even realize there is an election tomorrow in New Orleans.

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