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CRIME-SCENE For years liberals like New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu have been advocating programs such as midnight basketball as ways to reduce crime. Supposedly, young people with no ambition, moral values or job will be turned away from crime by the opportunity to shoot hoops. It sounds ridiculous, and, of course, it does not work, but the program helps the liberals feel good about what they are doing to fight the crime problem in New Orleans.   

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landrieu-allianceChalk it up either to embarking on an impending campaign for state office or to set the stage to squeeze more money out of taxpayers, or both, but New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s assertion that Louisiana somehow shortchanges the city he runs is nothing short of ludicrous.

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new-orleans-tourismMayor Landrieu briefs about financial challenges; Festigals run in stilettos; Satchmo Fest announces musical lineup; and more...Here are the latest business and organization news for the New Orleans area.

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new-orleans-tourismMayor Landrieu compares New Orleans and Detroit; research project on brain disorder; United flying from Lafayette to Denver, and more... These are the latest business news for the New Orleans/Louisiana area.

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Louisiana capitolWelcome to 2015!
    The plethora of 2014 elections are still on the political horizon in Louisiana, but already the elections set for 2015 are nudging their way into the political spectrum.

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new-orleans-tourismThe City of New Orleans is facing a deficit that Mayor Mitch Landrieu is now trying to cover with increased hotel taxes, property taxes, and cigarette taxes. At the same time, rumor has it that experienced police officers are fleeing the force. At the state level, legislators are also missing money; if they were to look to Gov. Jindal for a solution, there would look at an empty chair.

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vitter-gatorWhile much of the attention as of late has been on the popularity or lack of popularity of US Senator Mary Landrieu who is in the race of her life for a fourth term as US Senator, another Landrieu is in the polling news--her brother, New Orleans mayor, Mitch Landrieu. 

In the Southern Media and Opinion Research poll today, Landrieu and Republican US Senator David Vitter lead the pack for the governor's spot, election fall of 2015.

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landrieu-allianceGubernatorial politics of the future has emerged from the Louisiana Legislature with competing opinions over a bill to raise hotel taxes in New Orleans, providing jockeying both that may determine success in the field and assist the city as it hurls towards financial difficulty.

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new-orleans-tourismMayor Mitch Landrieu wants the state Legislature to create a special economic district along the New Orleans riverfront in which all tax revenue generated by new hotels and other development would be the city’s.

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landrieu-allianceby Tyler Bridges of The Lens

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Mayor Mitch Landrieu is facing a big budget squeeze.

Courts have ruled that the city of New Orleans must pay millions of dollars to shore up the firefighters pension fund, upgrade the parish prison’s abominable conditions and reform the police force.

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