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mitch obamaAs if we needed another example of how both the Pres. Barack Obama Administration nationally and the Mayor Mitch Landrieu in New Orleans fall prey to ideology over how the world really works, here comes an “Assessment of Fair Housing” document that puts wishful thinking ahead of the realities of human behavior.

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kennedyYesterday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced his official endorsement of Caroline Fayard in the race for U.S. Senate. 

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Louisiana business and organization news for today:

louisiana capital 3Louisiana Office of Tourism gets tops; Mitch Landrieu signs gun safety law; LABI and rebirth fund; Insurance fraud event

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser today announced the Louisiana Office of Tourism (LOT) was named the 2016 State Tourism Office of the Year by the Southeast Tourism Society during its Shining Example Awards in Birmingham, AL. LOT was recognized for its fourth consecutive record-breaking year in tourism. In 2015, Louisiana welcomed 28.9 million visitors to the state who spent $11.5 billion, generating $843 million in state tax revenue.

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Once again, a tragedy has placed New Orleans in the national spotlight. The horrific murder of Thomas Rolfes last weekend reminded the nation that this city is not safe for either tourists or local residents.

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What’s in a name?
    With all the hullabaloo taking place in the Big Easy over Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s support of removing Confederate monuments comes a revealing study from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
    The study found that there are at least 1,503 symbols of the Confederacy in public places across the country, mostly in the Deep South.
    In SPLC’s report, entitled “Whose Heritage?  Public Symbols of the Confederacy,” it notes that symbols that honor the Confederacy can be found on flags; city, county (parish) and school names; lakes, dams and other public works; and state holidays.

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After six years of surging crime and a declining police force, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu will finally address the issue of violence at a speech tomorrow night at Dixon Hall on the Tulane campus.

Ironically, the Mayor will speak on a campus named after Paul Tulane, the largest donor to the Confederate States of America. Tulane’s father grew rich utilizing slave labor in Haiti. After Paul Tulane moved to New Orleans, he decided to endow the first university in New Orleans. His wanted his donation to be used for the “promotion and encouragement of intellectual moral and industrial education among the white young persons in the City of New Orleans.”

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It now appears that Louisiana’s 2016-17 budget shortfall is slightly better than once projected, or at least by roughly 1/5th. 
According to Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne the gap that was thought to be about $750 million will be less, courtesy of the Medicaid Expansion of the Affordable Care Act.  

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Much has been written about the impact of the confederate monument issue and the defeat of the recent New Orleans millage for police and firemen.
The argument goes like this—Mitch Landrieu is unpopular among whites in New Orleans especially due to his recent actions in trying to remove the confederate statues, such as Robert E. Lee, at Lee Circle.

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State residents may disagree about their favorite sports team or politician, but there is little disagreement about the value of Confederate monuments. The vast majority of Louisiana residents agree that the controversial New Orleans monuments should not be taken down. At least that is the obvious conclusion from a new poll by the LSU Public Policy Research Lab.

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Today's mailbag:

In today's mailbag, the Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards is officially making a request to seek $100 million from the federal government for roads.  A top advisor for tthe Edwards for Governor campaign, Elizabeth Wray, will chair the Women of Distinction luncheon chair and one of the women being honored is former Governor Kathleen Blanco. Mayor Mitch Landrieu has announced the grand opening of a major project on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, in New Orleans.  The Louisiana Film Festival kicks off today.

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