Critics: Mitch Landrieu's one team, is his

Friday, 17 January 2014 14:19

landrieu-press-superbowl-webcastIf you’re not on Mitch Landrieu’s team, people say, he’ll fight back by pulling city contracts, removing you from boards and committees, and dressing you down. The mayor says there’s no evidence of such retaliation, and that he’s tangled with entrenched political interests.

On the day he became mayor nearly four years ago, Mitch Landrieu delivered a stirring inaugural address. He concluded it by repeating a slogan from his campaign.

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wgso-jeff-bagnerisJudge Michael Bagneris, candidate for New Orleans Mayor said on Jeff Crouere’s WGSO 990 radio show on Tuesday that he would win outright in the first primary and not be in a runoff with Mitch Landrieu, the current incumbent.

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bagnerisAs suspected, Judge Michael G. Bagneris, a judge in the city’s Civil District Court for the past 20 years, submitted his resignation from the bench on Wednesday evening and will officially become a candidate for Mayor of New Orleans today at 11:45 am

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home-depot-nagin-signjpg-923766868bd942e4Ray Nagin, the worst Mayor in New Orleans history, will appear before a federal grand jury on Friday. According to WDSU-TV, Nagin has been issued a subpoena and ordered to testify.  

We may soon know whether Nagin will join the ever growing list of Louisiana politicians who have been indicted or whether he will be able to weasel out of any charges. Indictments are no big deal in the Pelican State as former Congressman Billy Tauzin famously quipped that “One half of Louisiana was under water and the other half was under indictment.” 


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