kerry-obamaNow, the debate begins.  

The Iran nuclear deal framework is done.  Below is the statement from President Barack Obama and underneath that are social media discussions.

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hand-wallAfter five terms in the United States Senate and two terms in the House of Representatives, staunchly partisan Democrat Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) will retire at the end of this term. While he still has 22 months left in office to aggravate Republicans, the announcement was still a big blow to the Democratic Party.

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hitler-youthby Sarah Whalen
Does the world need another good reason to condemn ISIS, and wipe them out?

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rubber-stampThe first two months of the new Republican Congress has been extremely disappointing. The only significant accomplishment has been the passage of the Keystone Pipeline bill. Unfortunately, when the Republicans caved on the issue of executive amnesty, it sent a strong signal to conservatives across the country that the party will not stop the radical agenda of President Obama. 

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trump-compressedby Tom Aswell, Publisher of Louisiana Voice

Yeah, we know. We have to narrow that down a bit.

We already know about his ethical and moral problems. But more specifically, he has a major constitutional problem.

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politics-internetThe Obama administration today has provided details regarding his TechHire Initiative which is a multi-sector effort to help provide skills to fill the growing number of technology jobs.  The effort also makes $100M available in grants.  To date, 21 communities have responded to the President's Call to Action and numerous tech companies are involved.

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|The president answers questions from the CBS News senior White House correspondent about race relations, Iran, Ukraine, and the Hillary Clinton email controversy

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|President Obama answers questions about race relations, Iran, Ukraine, and the latest on Hillary Clinton's email controversy with CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Bill Plante.

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President Obama will announce a 20-city drive to intensify job-specific training in the high-tech sector in a speech before the annual League of Cities conference in Washington Monday.

Sources inside and outside of the White House confirm the approach is designed to be the biggest federal boost to non-college skills training in history. It is in addition to existing administration efforts to increase access to four-year colleges, through more student aide, and two-year community colleges, through subsidized tuition.

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Republican Tim Scott, the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction, said on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday that more could have been done to improve race relations during President Obama's time in office.

"We have probably had a neutral position on progressing from a racial perspective in America over the last few years. We have not made as much progress as we would like to have seen," Scott said. "If you look at, specifically, the challenges made by black America, the last six years have been challenging.

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