WASHINGTON – The Secret Service says a man has been arrested after he climbed over a fence at the White House.

Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary says the man climbed over the fence around 4 p.m. Sunday and was immediately arrested. The White House briefly went into lockdown after the incident, which is standard procedure.

The Secret Service did not immediately release the identity of the man, and Leary said charges were pending.

Obama returned to Washington on Saturday after a weeklong trip abroad.

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FILE: March 1, 2014: Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., announces his Senate candidacy at Denver Lumber Company, in Denver, Colo.AP

The Senate race in Colorado emerging as one of the most competitive in 2014 has surprised the Democratic incumbent who is now trying to define his Republican challenger Rep. Cory Gardner as an extremist.

"People will find my record is a mainstream record, and the more people look at Rep. Gardner's record they'll see he's out of the mainstream," Udall recently told a Colorado radio station.

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|Vice President Joe Biden calls on Congress to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, saying it would benefit workers and the economy as a whole.

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cassidyThe Senate Race.  Republicans have mastered the art of shooting themselves in the foot and in the process losing elections.  Congressman Bill Cassidy, the Republican hopeful to defeat Senator Mary Landrieu (D), has taken the first step toward suicide by foot. 

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Scary as it may sound, the very not-politics-at-its-finest “Veep” paints an honest picture of life in D.C. “Veep’s” creative talent, speaking at Paleyfest Thursday night, have been startled by how close they are getting it right from the feedback they’ve gotten from Capitol Hill staffers.

“It’s been gratifying to hear people who are watching it say it’s accurate – frightening – but gratifying,” said Armando Iannucci, the show’s executive producer, director and writer.

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July 25, 2013: A job-seeker completes an application at a career fair held by civil rights organization National Urban League as part of its annual conference, in Philadelphia.

More American voters think the nation’s job situation is getting worse rather than better by a 48-39 percent margin according to the latest Fox News poll.

Last summer, that sentiment was reversed: more people said the job situation was getting better by a five percentage-point margin (44-39 percent in July 2013).

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|President Obama says other countries will feel some pain from economic sanctions against Russia but adds there are ways to minimize the collateral damage.

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|President Obama says his discussion with Pope Francis focused on inequality, war, and peace, not on divisive social issues like contraception or same-sex marriage.

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|President Obama says what's at stake in the standoff with Russia over Ukraine is a set of international norms that took generations to develop.

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|President Obama rebuts Russia's claims that intervening in Ukraine was necessary to protect ethnic Russians or justified by precedents set by Western nations in Kosovo and Iraq.

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