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kennedy appropriations2In its final Southern Media Opinion and Research poll of 2016, Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy holds a significant 14-point lead over his Democratic Party opponent Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell,  Kennedy leads Campbell 52% to 38%.

 One of the reasons for the Kennedy lead, according to Bernie Pinsonat of SMOR, is government has a spending problem not a revenue problem and Louisiana apparently applies that concept to national government too. 

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pipesIs Obamacare really broken or can it be fixed?  If it is impossible to mend, will efforts to remove and replace it going to cause more problems than simply leaving it alone?

One of the major issues in the 2016 election was the future of Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.   There are those who believe that the law is better than what previously existed, yet needs to be fixed.  There are others who feel it is an abomination and needs to be repealed and replaced.

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uncle sam 6As President-elect Donald Trump and our US Congress decide what he wants to do with healthcare in the country and as open enrollment is now in season, there is at least one medical doctor and author who believes that Obamacare has made health care in the United States a total mess and the law needs to be repealed.


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trumpcare“Real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing Obamacare”

Or so candidate Donald Trump told us throughout the campaign and particularly days before he was elected to be the next President of the United States.

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freedom 3Bad news for President Barack Obama, democrats, Hillary Clinton hit this week and at the wrong moment, two weeks prior to election day.

The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare premiums were going to skyrocket by roughly 25% this year.  Not the type of news any candidate or administration would want as the autumn days turn colder and the focus upon presidential and Congressional elections grow longer.

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Two of the most important issues facing the nation this election season is healthcare and the future of the Affordable Care Act, aka, Obamacare and the federal debt.

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 trump2On Wednesday, Donald Trump presented his healthcare reform plan which his campaign claims will make America Great again.

Included in the plan are repealing Obamacare, allowing individuals to buy policies across state lines, block grants, healthcare savings accounts.  

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kangaroo-courtIn a ruling that I do not find surprising the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld Obama Care’s subsidies in states that have not set up their own exchanges.

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Health reformIt's getting curiouser and curiouser these days at the Louisiana Capitol wonderland.

Medicaid expansion, the Obama ogre healthcare solution, is getting another look on Wednesday and advocates on both sides of the issue are at the battle lines.

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timmy teepellIt’s official.  Sort of.

Ted Cruz has made it official.  Bobby Jindal will just cruise, for now.

Despite calls by some lately for Governor Bobby Jindal to resign due to the collapse of the Louisiana budget coinciding with the governor’s intense focus upon his own presidential race-yet-to-be-declared, the governor’s main spokesperson, Timmy Teepell, appears to have extended the date for the governor to declare his intentions.

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