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payton2blueIf somebody had told me Saturday night the Saints defense would pull Sean Payton’s acorns out of the fire for an unlikely victory the next day, I would have scoffed. No, I would have done more than scoff. I would have continued dining on the Trout Payton at Impastato’s in Metairie and might even have ordered a side of the Veal Payton.

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payton2blueThe one thing that has jumped out to me so far in this Saints offseason has been the number of serious injuries. Even before training camp opened, the team lost prized free agent linebacker Victor Butler for the season.

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payton-benchIt is with equal amounts of joy and sorrow that we comment on two significant events that occurred in Who Dat Nation on Friday.


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jim-millerI always enjoy getting away from the realities of sports to watch my daughter compete in horse shows.


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jones-PaytonPeople who assume I have inside knowledge about the New Orleans Saints ask me all the time why the team can't get a contract done with their head coach.

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payton2Now that the New Orleans Saints have gotten back on the road to redemption with their Monday Night Football win over the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s time for them to move on to the next opponent.  And, on to the next distraction too.


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    payton2blue Okay, so you have heard that various sources "confirmed" Sunday that the league voided Sean Payton's contract extension, which the Saints offered in 2011, because of concerns about certain language within.


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saints-aintsYes, the New Orleans Saints are off to a 2-5 start this season.   And yes, they lost to teams they should have beaten, and often by squandering opportunities.  However, they are far from the New Orleans “Ain’ts” of old.  With some additional leadership, hard work, and a nasty, can do attitude, they could turn the season around.


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brees-pack-brightSure, the Saints came close on Sunday, losing by a point to the Packers in a game they could have won. Could have? They HAD it won, but for a holding call on Garrett Hartley's field goal in the fourth quarter that was called back. Hartley could not replicate the winner on his next chance, and the Saints lost again. But they had a better chance to win it earlier, and they did not because they did not heed something that is becoming abundantly clear to Saints watchers.


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Saints fleurTwo games, two losses and one deja vu.

With fourteen more games left and with the head coach and second-in-command suspended, it’s going to be difficult for the New Orleans Saints.

“Just do your job”, a mandate from Coach Sean Payton is not sufficient.   For the Saints to win, they must not only do their job but do it better than their opponents.

So far, they have not.


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