JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli archaeologists unveiled on Wednesday a 3,300-year-old coffin containing a signet ring bearing the name of an Egyptian pharaoh among the remains of what they believe was a local nobleman.

The discovery last month in Israel's northern Jezreel Valley, was the first of its kind in the region in half a century and pointed to wide Egyptian influence during the late Bronze Age reign of Seti I, whose name was on the seal.

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The Abounaddara collective is made up of Syrian filmmakers who produce short vignettes about their countryman. The film "Of God and Dogs" won the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. The film features a soldier with the Free Syrian Army who admits to killing an innocent man. It ends with him in tears.The Abounaddara collective is made up of Syrian filmmakers who produce short vignettes about their countryman.
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CNN Student News - April 2, 2014
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 16:18

(CNN Student News) -- April 2, 2014

In what ways do scientists know more about Mars than the Earth's oceans? You'll find out this Wednesday on CNN Student News! We'll also tell you about a General Motors recall, a U.S.

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A man who has been dead for nearly 800 years could be the catalyst that draws Turkey into Syria’s bloody civil war.

Jihadists who poured into Syria to help the Free Syrian Army only to turn on them, have threatened to attack the sacred tomb of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire. The tomb is located inside Syria, in the border city of Aleppo, but the site is considered Turkish territory under a near century-old treaty.

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BEIRUT (Reuters) - In both war and peace, Lebanon has always seen many of its ambitious youth leave for better opportunities. More Lebanese live outside Lebanon than in it.

But neighboring Syria's civil war, bombs in Lebanon and an economic slowdown have eroded confidence in the country's future and now even loyal patriots are scrambling to get out.

Olga Hawwa, a 29-year-old working in advertising, says she has given up. Graduating in 2008, she has seen her peers leave Lebanon one by one.

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UNHCR goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie, right, accompanied by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, left, pay their respects to victims at memorial center of Potocari near eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, 180 kms northeast of Sarajevo ,on Friday, March 28, 2014. British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Hollywood star Angelina Jolie addressed a conference organized in Sarajevo by Bosnia's Defense Ministry on sexual violence in conflict.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A federal grand jury in Sacramento has indicted a California man on a single charge of attempting to provide support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Nicholas Teausant had previously been held on a criminal complaint since his arrest last week near the Canadian border.

The one-paragraph indictment handed down Wednesday alleges that Teausant, an American citizen, attempted to join al-Qaida in Iraq. The indictment says the group changed its name last year to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

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|President Obama visits Flanders Field Cemetery, the burial site of 368 Americans, most of whom died liberating Belgium in World War I. The president says we must remember the lessons of that war even today, particularly the horrific cost of using chemical weapons.

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A man fatally shot a U.S. Navy sailor before being shot and killed by responding security forces at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia late Monday, a base spokeswoman said.

Terri Davis says the shooting happened around 11:20 p.m. Monday aboard the USS Mahan, a destroyer. Davis would not describe the circumstances of the shooting but said the scene is secure. 

Davis says the two killed were both males but she didn't have any other information on them.

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A California college student who allegedly discussed attacking the Los Angeles subway system was arrested Monday on suspicion of attempting to provide material assistance to a foreign terrorist organization, authorities said.

Nicholas Michael Teausant, 20, of Acampo, near Stockton, was arrested in Blaine, Wash., near the U.S.-Canadian border, U.S. Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner said in a release. Teausant agreed during a hearing Monday at U.S. District Court in Seattle to be extradited to California to face the charge.

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