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Jindal-collageIt appears no coincidence that the Louisiana Democratic Party released a attack ad against Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, right in time for the close of the Louisiana legislative session and in time for the Republican Leadership Conference, this weekend in New Orleans. 

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TheLensOn Thursday, during a press conference at the Capitol in Baton Rouge, The Lens’s reporter, Tyler Bridges, asked Gov. Bobby Jindal, about the Louisiana legislative session and his “frequent” absences.  The Lens had published one of Bridges’s articles regarding concerns that some of the Governor’s allies and foes were having about the governor’s involvement in the session (or some say, the lack of involvement).

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TheLens2by Tyler Bridges of The Lens

A high-profile lawsuit filed by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East is not the only lawsuit under assault by the oil and gas industry and its allies in the state Legislature.

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flounderThe Louisiana legislature is entering into its third week of the annual legislative session.  What is happening?  What are the issues being discussed by the state government. 

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building-artThe ArtWorks building future sale of the ArtWorks building to the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute is New Orleans business and politics at its best.

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landrieu-allianceIs New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu difficult to get along with; that is, if you disagree with him? Is he vindictive to those who are on his “enemy list”? 

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Critics: Mitch Landrieu's one team, is his
Friday, 17 January 2014 14:19

landrieu-press-superbowl-webcastIf you’re not on Mitch Landrieu’s team, people say, he’ll fight back by pulling city contracts, removing you from boards and committees, and dressing you down. The mayor says there’s no evidence of such retaliation, and that he’s tangled with entrenched political interests.

On the day he became mayor nearly four years ago, Mitch Landrieu delivered a stirring inaugural address. He concluded it by repeating a slogan from his campaign.

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jindal-historicFresh off a stinging political defeat in a northeast Louisiana congressional race, Gov. Bobby Jindal is facing calls to re-engage with Louisiana residents and elected officials rather than travel about the nation in pursuit of his evident presidential ambitions.

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wtcSlightly over eight years since Hurricane Katrina, the City of New Orleans is going through a redevelopment and construction explosion of opportunities and  a social renaissance. However this incredible growth is not without its share of conflicts.

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charity-hospitalThere are many projects in the air in mid-city and downtown New Orleans including the substantial University Medical Center , the controversial development of the World Trade Center by the Mississippi River and Canal Street and possible plans for the Charity Hospital building—vacated after Hurricane Katrina.

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