In his 1983 gubernatorial campaign, Edwin Edwards once remarked that the only way that he could lose to the Republican incumbent, Dave Treen, was if he were caught in bed with “a dead girl or a live boy.” Thirty-one years later, that analogy aptly describes his chances of actually winning the 6th Congressional District race this fall.

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louisiana-politicsIt is now history, especially for the man who has almost written the Louisiana political history book over the past 40 years.

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edwards-trina“Louisiana United States Congressman Edwin W. Edwards.”

If the “old sly gray Fox” has his way, that will be his name and title should the 86-year-old former Congressman and former four-term-ex-governor pulls off the totally unexpected.

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RiserThe unprecedented, if not entirely shocking, victory by Vance McAllister in the special election for the Fifth Congressional District demonstrates just how wacky elections of this nature can turn out, but also points out how such elections results can be produced.

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Vance McAllister, a political newcomer who boasts of never having visited Washington, won a special election in Louisiana on Saturday to fill a congressional seat formerly held by fellow Republican Rodney Alexander.

In a runoff to fill Louisiana's vacant Fifth Congressional District, McAllister took 60% of the vote against fellow Republican Neil Riser, a state senator. All precincts have reported in the largely conservative and mostly rural district.

McAllister, running as an outsider, lined up an endorsement from Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, the patriarch in a popular reality show, and cast member Willie Robertson appeared in a commercial supporting him.

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                    The dysfunctional government situation that exists today in the U.S. Congress has American voters saying, “Throw the bums out.”  

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congress-fightWhen I was a kid growing up, I was a dreamer. I would share with my father some off-the-wall idea that I was absolutely sure would become life changing.  

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alexanderSurprise in the Fifth

    Nearly every political analyst expected state Sen. Neil Riser, R-Columbia, to finish first in the special primary election in the 5th Congressional District.  He did – getting 32% of the vote.

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kick-the-can2The American people and the nation’s economy were held hostage for two weeks while politicians in Washington dug their heals in to prove their respective sides were right.

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trash-dcGovernment shutdown: Trashy, disgusting, putrid and intolerable.

I could probably think of other words that describe what is going on in Washington DC and throughout the nation, but, these are the three that come to mind, for now.

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