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sealed-kissThe Kissing Congressman Vance McAllister announced on Monday that he was not going to kiss-off chances of his becoming a one-year Congrressman.  Reversing a prior public decision, McAllister announced he wanted the people to decide on whether he deserves another chance in US Congress.

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robertson-philWackiness by omission and commission continue to illuminate Louisiana’s Fifth Congressional District contest, leaving the distinct possibility that the field remains entirely unsettled and the race unpredictable.

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landrieuCassidy leads Landrieu, but...
    A new poll on Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race is creating different opinions from both Democratic and Republican stalwarts and political analysts.

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capitol-dcCandidates for Louisiana’s Fifth Congressional District have started percolating to the surface, with at this point the only sure things about the election being it won’t be won by incumbent Rep. Vance McAllister or somebody with anything like his pedigree.

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landrieu-tea-partyAccording to the new SMOR Poll, a majority of “likely voters” (around 60%) now look unfavorably upon Mary Landrieu’s job performance. Her lead over Bill Cassidy is only 1 percentage point (36%-35%). At the same time, Col. Maness, who is at around 7% in the poll, is releasing gator TV ads; a couple of days ago, Sarah Palin announced that she’s endorsing Maness. Things are also stirring up in the fifth congressional district: Vance McAllister, the kissing Congressman, now seems to have changed his mind and is open to running in the reelection.

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manessPuzzling polls
    A poll on the U.S. Senate race released last week by Southern Media Opinion and Research (SMOR) has members of both parties scratching their heads and wondering just where the race actually stands.

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Kissing Congressman McAllister goodbye
Tuesday, 29 April 2014 08:17

Louisiana-house-repsFinally, a Louisiana politician has done the right thing after embarrassing his family, staff and constituents.

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villereLouisiana Republican Party chairman is back in the Vance McAllister “kissing congressman” news.

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Louisiana capitolHope for McAllister?
    The news is not all bad for Republican 5th District U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister, whose recent marital misdeed of kissing a staffer in his Monroe office is getting mixed reactions from his constituents.
    A poll provided Fax-Net by Darrell Glascock of the Glascock Group out of Pineville reveals that 49% of 5th District voters would be willing to vote to re-elect McAllister at this point in time.

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