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dhhSome shocking numbers to consider as republicans and democrats debate the Louisiana budget starting Monday as the Louisiana legislative session commences:
As per an article in NOLA.com, titled Medicaid could make up close to half of Louisiana's state budget

Spending on Medicaid is likely to make up close to half of Louisiana's total state operating budget in the next fiscal cycle, though most of the money will come from the federal government and not state tax dollars.

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Jindal-kennedy-crouereTOPS, Medicaid in Louisiana hitting the bottom, the current Governor Bobby Jindal continuing the high cost of healthcare in Louisiana and pushing the problem off to the next administration—those were some of the topics discussed today in a WGSO radio interview with Treasurer John Kennedy.

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maginnisIf you’re a careful reader of the website LaPolitics founder John Maginnis, you can see hints of the liberal Democrat in him just straining to get out. But sometimes his suppression fails, as it did in a hope-against-hope opinion piece about Sen. Mary Landrieu’s reelection chances, thereby reminding the viewing public that while his site is great on political gossip, it often comes up short on analysis.

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The Gov. Bobby Jindal Administration with its health care budget has made it put up or shut up time for the Legislature in regards to a number of controversial funding decisions it made in the past that favor nursing homes at taxpayer expense.

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fudgeWith the necessity of an election now less than a year-and-a-half away, Sen. Mary Landrieu knows her reelection chances are most imperiled by hers being the decisive vote for the misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare.”


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landrieu-blueThe remarks were as much about Sen. Mary Landrieu trying to save her job as it was her being a knight in the service of evisceration.


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Kennedy-interview2Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy is just both inside and outside of state government who are nonplussed over the current state of healthcare in Louisiana.


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kennedy-officeAccording to Louisiana Treasurer, John Kennedy the state was caught  a little “flat-footed” and  “without a plan” when Congress reduced the amount Louisiana would receive from the federal government for Medicaid.


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jindal-differenceWith news that most of Louisiana’s charity hospitals may get downsized confirms the move to dismantle the system as it is has come to the stage of a realistic alternative future, also bringing big change to some other related areas of policy, and not a second too soon to benefit the state.

Spurred by the sudden loss of a good chunk of its Medicaid reimbursement from the federal government – the vast majority of these public hospitals’ business is paid for that way, making Louisiana public institutions a wildly disproportionate user of those funds – at first former system leaders developed a strategy to cope by using mainly reserve funds, necessary because they remained invested in the notion that public hospitals providing free care to the indigent must exist.  In retrospect, this appears now accepted then only because of the compressed time frame, but that the basing of the response on the concept of necessity of public hospitals was not considered viable over the long haul.

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Health reformIt has become obvious to me that Bobby Jindal sees Louisiana in his rear- view mirror.

That's a real shame. Our state has problems in every direction - crumbling roads and bridges, colleges facing cuts and raising tuition, coastal erosion, threatened LSU teaching hospitals and the worst poverty in the United States. 

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graves c 3Shades of Katrina?

    Is political partisanship raising its ugly head again in the face of another Louisiana disaster?  Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards thinks so.

    Edwards got some rough treatment from a congressional committee in Washington, D.C. when he testified before it recently about the state’s response to flood problems.

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jbeWith equal parts pugnaciousness and disingenuousness, Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards’ highly-politicized 2017 State of the State speech laid out a truly flawed vision for Louisiana going forward.

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jim bernieIs Russia now our enemy, once again?

Did Donald Trump make the right move or was the latest attack, simply some wag the dog?

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Iron nancy reagan 6n 1986, United States President Ronald Reagan authorized military aircraft to unleash a torrent of bombs in Tripoli, Libya to send a strong message to Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The attack was in response to Gaddafi’s involvement in the terrorist bombing of a Berlin disco that resulted in the death of American soldiers. 

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Sen. Appel talks budget, economy


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