Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry voiced his concerns about the Obama administration's stance on trade with Cuba and China at the Iowa Ag Summit Saturday.

"The administration basically empowered the Castro regime with no thought about helping the people," Perry said to summit host Bruce Rastetter. "I think we got a bad deal. The people of Cuba got a bad deal."

The former Texas governor also conveyed his frustration over the 2014 prisoner exchange for USAID subcontractor Alan Gross, who had been sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Cuban government in 2011.

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jindals-book2Has a familiar title. Now where did I hear, Leadership and Crises? Or was it Crises and Leadership?
Yesterday, Robert Travis Scott, President and CEO of PAR (and former reporter for the Times Picayune) crafted this commentary about Common Core:

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class-warfareWashington attorney/political fundraiser Charlie Spies wants to make it even easier for those with the financial resources to continue to buy elections in Louisiana to the increasing detriment of the rest of us.

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forgotstonC.B. Forgotston, a liberal?

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jindal-differenceIn a Keynote address before the Republican National Committee’s Winter Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal repeated many of the comments he made on national television after the November presidential election tonight in a speech and spoke in broad principles for the future of the country. 


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Jindal-Meet-the-pressLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has released excerpts of his Key Note address speech for tonight in Charlotte North Carolina which release has been entitled by his press office: SPEECH EXCERPTS: Gov. Jindal to Refute President Obama’s Liberal Vision for America.

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romney-obama-smallAccording to a number of Republican presidential wannabes, the outcome of the presidential election was a fiasco, a major disaster for the GOP.  And the excuses keep pouring in. 


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Jindal-campaignto the Louisiana GOP via an email blast today, "Louisiana Republicans have gained thee key leadership positions in recent months that will help to redirect the national Republican Party in 2013.

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 300px-Zombies NightoftheLivingDeadNo matter who wins Tuesday’s presidential election, millions will wallow in deep despair on Wednesday morning.
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obama-romney-debateYou know you have a die-hard interest in politics when you want to see the national presidential debate, and it becomes a major commitment just to find a place to watch.  That was my case last week while I was in southern Turkey as the Turkish conflict with Syria was heating up.  I had limited television options and just could not tune into one of the U.S. national networks, or even CNN International.  And even if I could find a station, the time difference meant I would be watching at 3:00 am. No such stations beaming into Turkey could be found.  Apparently, we are not as important in this part of the world as many in Washington think.


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