A report released Tuesday, March 18 says Louisiana has the third highest combined average for state and local sales taxes in the country.

Louisiana's tax average is just under nine percent. Only Tennessee and Arkansas have higher averages.

To find out which states have the lowest combined average click here http://bit.ly/1gMMm8E.

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Shreveport City Councilor Sam Jenkins says he is giving "prayerful consideration" to running for Mayor of Shreveport after all.

Jenkins was expected to formally announce a bid for the city's top job on March 4, but postponed the news conference a few days before it was set to take place.

A few days later, Jenkins confirmed the campaign announcement had been put off so that he could work to resolve some financial issues, including unpaid taxes.

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obama awolFor years we have heard conservative members of Congress say that the federal government has a spending problem.  Now liberals in Congress are saying we have a revenue problem.  Two different takes on the economic mess our country is in and two different positions that will be difficult to resolve.  As a result America continues to sink further into debt and calls continue for additional higher taxes.


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dance-fiscalThe nation’s long election ordeal is over. While that may be good news, we must temper it with the fact that Congress is now back in session.


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