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Metairie, Louisiana

louisiana-legislatureby Stephen Waguespack, President and CEO of LABI

It's almost time to turn the page.

There are times throughout every year where we just have to move on to a different phase. While it can be tempting at times to assume that change will never happen – as the saying goes – we know it is, in fact, inevitable. The end of summer and the promise of fall bring a unique collection of challenges and opportunities. 

TWall Street-NBC Pollhe days are growing shorter for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chances to be on the Fox News debate stage in Cleveland Thursday night along with the first tier of Republican candidates. The Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll today shows that the governor is sitting at 1% while Donald Trump leads with 19%.


margarita3by Margarita Bergen

Darling friends,

After a very relaxing, brief sojourn to Destin with my brother, Lorenzo Bergen and my darling dog, Duchess Chiquita Bergen, I was ready to enjoy the festivities that included the always-fun American Cancer Society 's announcement of the 2015 Belles & Beaus at The Shops at Canal Place.

vitter-memoLSU professor and Blogger Bob Mann has focused upon Senator David Vitter’s recent letters to constituents and makes the point that the Senator who is leading the gubernatorial candidates is playing “fast and loose” with US Senate rules.

jindal-perryGovernor Bobby Jindal reportedly agrees with Rick Perry that people should have a right to carry heat along with their popcorn when they watch a movie.

On CNN, Jindal said, “There are private property rights issues, I understand that. Somebody has a right to say what they want to do with their private property, but I think the fewer restrictions on law abiding citizens, the better for them and the better for our country.”….

foxcavutoLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal might be debating the second-team candidates opponents when Fox News opens presidential debate season on August 6.  According to ABC.com, Jindal is on the bubble and is tied for 12th with Rick Santorum.

edwards-adJon Bel Edwards, the Democratic Party candidate for Louisiana governor has revealed its latest online ad, today. 

vitter-teaLouisiana political shorts for today: Vitter overwhelms, Jeff Landry gets the GOP endorsement, Jindal is back on the trail and some political tweets. 

gov-mansionWith three months to go, the gubernatorial campaign of state Rep. John Bel Edwards has increased the vigor of its whistling into the wind as more adverse information comes in about the state of all the candidates’ campaigns.

pull-plugby Stephen Sabludowsky

Polls , polls, and more polls.

It’s hard to believe that statewide elections are now only a few months away and the Republican presidential debates are right around the corner.

A day does not go by without a  local or national poll, that provides a snapshot as to how the candidates are doing.

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