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LAFAYETTE To get an idea of what a nuisance the water weed hydrilla can be, consider its name is derived from Hydra, the mythological nine-headed creature that grew back two heads for every one that was cut off.

The monster invaded Lake Henderson in St. Martin Parish years ago — choking the popular waterway, crowding out native plants, fouling boat propellers.

Parish officials believe they now have a plan that, while not killing it off, can at least tame it.

LAFAYETTE — Hundreds of thousands of festival-goers will once again descend on downtown Lafayette this week to enjoy music and art from all over the world at the 28th annual Festival International de Louisiane.

The five-day music and arts celebration begins Wednesday and doesn’t stop until Sunday night.

This year’s music lineup features more than 400 musicians in 68 different acts, including The Funky Meters, Tinariwen, Radio Radio, Bombino, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars and Zachary Richard.

The American masters 10K road record again escaped Lafayette native Kevin Castille in Saturday's Crescent City Classic.

A year after coming up just two seconds short

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A six-run sixth inning propelled Brother Martin to a 14-4 victory over St. Augustine Saturday at Wesley Barrow Stadium in Pontchartrain Park, allowing the team to

The San Antonio Spurs are the only team in the league to win more than 60 games. They also finished 32-9 at home and were the

Following Colorado and Washington state, efforts to legalize pot have increased across the nation.
Following Colorado and Washington state, efforts to legalize pot have increased across the nation.
  • Bruce Barcott looks at differences in marijuana laws in Colorado and Louisiana
  • In Louisiana, a second marijuana possession offense will earn you 10 years in prison
  • In Colorado, you can buy two grams for $34 and change, and never go to jail
  • April 20 is seen as a day of celebration for pot smokers
The scary side of the Easter Bunny
Saturday, 19 April 2014 15:31

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Dashcam videos from the northwestern Russian city of Murmansk show a fireball explosion much like the meteor that lit up the sky over Chelyabinsk in Siberia last year. The impact of Saturday's blast wasn't nearly as dramatic, however.

The Chelyabinsk meteor blew out windows, triggered car alarms and injured more than 1,200 people. In contrast, Gazeta.ru reported that no sound of an explosion was heard from Saturday's meteor, although it was sighted from Murmansk as well as other cities on Russia's Kola Peninsula.

Astros prospect Delino DeShields, Jr. was hit in the face by a fastball. After he was taken to the hospital, he took a picture of his disfigured face.

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