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Metairie, Louisiana

As the Louisiana legislative session walks on its last leg, with lawmakers try to mend a $600 million dollar hole, after raising roughly $2 billion dollars this past year in business and and sales taxes, the question resonating at the Baton Rouge capitol is, what's going on?  What can we expect?  Are we looking at a special session this June?  Can the legislature actually fill the gap by only cutting or will taxes be raised again?

Conventional wisdom tells us that Louisiana will go Republican, once again, at the state level for US President.  It also suggests that all Louisiana current congressional republicans (not running for US Senate) will romp in November 2016, that new republicans will be elected in current vacancies and that a Republican will become the junior US Senator (replacing David Vitter). 

How does that adage go?
One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter?
One man’s Lee Harvey Oswald associate is another man’s CIA undercover operative?

The clock ticked down and the lights lowered.
The second "Collision Conference" ever, and the first one held in New Orleans, was almost history.
So, what did Mike Harvey think about the “summit focused upon startups, technology, venture capital, entrepreneurship?    Did it meet his expectations?  Would the Collision Conference be pleased to return to New Orleans?

by Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net   

The so-called “religious freedom” bill being  pushed by Republican state Rep. Mike Johnson of Bossier City has passed the House of Representatives.
    Considering the controversy surrounding the bill and similar other legislation that has created a firestorm of opposition in other states, the vote in the Louisiana House was rather surprising.

It now appears that Louisiana’s 2016-17 budget shortfall is slightly better than once projected, or at least by roughly 1/5th. 
According to Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne the gap that was thought to be about $750 million will be less, courtesy of the Medicaid Expansion of the Affordable Care Act.  

If you think Deflategate is all aired out, you might think again.
Today, a federal court reinstated the suspension of New England Patriot all-time great quarterback, Tom Brady.

New Orleans quality of life worsening and Jefferson Parish so boring?

Well, not exactly.  It is accurate to say, based upon latest survey results, New Orleans quality of life has gone down statistically and Jefferson Parish, the city's suburb, favorables so high and static, that it is "boring", numbers-wise.

The top two candidates, based upon recent polls,  released details regarding their campaign contributions and cash-on-hand.

Based upon those recent polls, Republican John Kennedy and Democrat Foster Campbell lead the field of democrats and republicans.

by Tom Aswell, Publisher of Louisiana Voice

In North Korea, to the best of our knowledge about that closed society, political dissidents quietly disappear, rumored to receive a bullet to the back of the head.

In the old Soviet Union, dissidents were disposed of in similar fashion—with a bullet behind an ear. Today, Vladimir Putin apparently prefers the quieter—and cleaner—method of ricin-tipped umbrellas.

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