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bea-personal-incomeWith Louisiana facing a $1.6B deficit, just how is the state's economy doing so legislators can determine its future revenues based upon growth opportunities.

tony-perkinsReligious freedom.

The phrase is being heard around the world, every day, on talk radio, cable TV and soon, political ads throughout the nation

Two of the strongest advocates come from Louisiana.  One is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and the other, former Louisiana legislator, Tony Perkins, now heading the Family Research Council.  

alarioLouisiana’s budget, the $1.6B deficit monstracity, has been reported in local and national media as a major problem that the state, legislature and outgoing Governor Bobby Jindal are encountering. 

jindal-wife 6More do as I say, not,  do as I do.

The Advocate and AP have reported that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, the so-called gold-standard paragon of government transparency, has refused to allow the public to see his emails.

What On Earth Is Jindal Doing?
Friday, 03 April 2015 12:50

Republican Bobby Jindal is putting together an Iowa team, digging in for a possible presidential bid even as other GOP stars sail past him in the polls.

Jindal, a Christian conservative, is one of the last Republican 2016 contenders to hire strategists who would orchestrate a campaign here if they decide to run.

The 43-year-old Louisiana governor has formed a new political organization called the American Future Project, and is sending three staffers to Iowa,


Senator David Vitter has just received the endorsement of another member of the Louisiana congressional delegation, Congressman Charles Boustany.  The Vitter campaign sent out the Congressman's endorsement, via an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using the same email server as DavidVitter.com.  The endorsement, in part said: 

Jindal-collageToday, Governor Bobby Jindal announced a number of new staff appointments in the Governor’s Office after Taylor Teepell and Matt Parker resigned.  According to the Jindal press release, both have resigned to pursue new opportunities.

mannSoft-spoken, Bob Mann, former Democratic party-member, former staffer for John Breaux, and Governor Kathleen Blanco (and others) is on the warpath.

Jindal-differenceI know that tweet stalking is a kinky way to follow the news.  But, in the new era of digital communications, it beats watching Fox News and MSNBC during the afternoons.

louisiana-legislatureSometimes, there is no better way to pass the day than sitting down with some "good political reads".   Let me throw in, some great tweets, too.

Today is no exception.

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