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byrd clintonYesterday, I posted on Facebook the just-released video ad by Hillary Clinton.

The ad shows the close connection between the right wing, the alt-right and Donald Trump.

I said in the post that I agree with the ad as, in my view, it showed the close connection to Donald Trump and bigotry.   I don’t need Hillary Clinton to tell me this.  Been around the block or two and I can tell one when I speak to one or hear one nightly on TV.  


obama isaacThe storm over Louisiana has ended for now but the clouds of anger, frustration, despair and blame continue.

The month of August in Louisiana has never been the best time for the state. It has been hit by various major weather events including the two in 2005, hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


eye stormThis past week, Louisiana has been involved in an insipid debate relating to hurricane recovery and political grandstanding. Unfortunately, we all have been a loser in this exchange.

There is an upcoming dispute that is many times more serious.  This future deliberation will have serious impact upon tens of thousands of Louisiana citizens--much more than last week's pitiful PR contest on display on TV and social media.  At that time, we discussed which presidential candidate did what and whether our president could see beyond the 18th-hole.

flood uncertainties 3The Louisiana Flood crisis could be more serious than our trying to rebuild our homes, businesses and maintaining our collective sanities.

The United States debt is approaching 20 billion.  Louisiana treasury is bone dry.  Taxes is not an option.

believeitHere’s twitter twats, or, better said, some "believe it or nots" of the hard-to-believe-Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as seen on twitter.

Below is a video I created (with short commentary) of some of the interesting campaign related tweets regarding the elections. 

comey sitA new republican attack against Hillary Clinton.  Who’d thunk it?

Members of Congress want the US Department of Justice to investigate Hillary Clinton’s alleged lying to Congress regarding her testimony she gave before Congress.  A letter has been released to support their claims https://oversight.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/2016-08-15-JEC-BG-to-Phillips-USAO-DC-Perjury-Investigation.pdf


SWIM UP STREAMIt is now a given that Donald Trump is struggling in the polls.  This weekend, the conservative Wall Street Journal, in an editorial urged Trump to change or drop out.  Candidates down ticket are becoming very concerned.  So are various Republican consultants.

duke runsIf you want to see how the Dukies are dominating twitter-sphere, simply look at the current tweets coming into the popular Louisiana U.S. Senate race twitter tag, #lasen.

Tweets blasting Colonel Rob Maness, calling him a globalist because he fought terrorists.

data drought 3No doubt, the Republican Party has dominated Congressional elections since 2010 and it appears it just might not do so again in 2016.  

chris wilsonIf you think “data” and Republican Party, think Chris Wilson, the CEO of Wilson, Perkins and Allen, a national campaign data firm. 

Wilson is the former Director of Research, Analytics and Digital Strategy for the  2016 Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign.  That campaign was the most data analytics-driven of all republican political campaigns in American history.   

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