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fayard foster campbell 2The future of the US Senate race, in many respects, depends on upon the success of the two major democrats running, Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell and attorney Caroline Fayard.

In a Wednesday interview with Bernie Pinsonat, the pollster from Southern Media & Opinion Research, Caroline Fayard is polling better than Campbell and is a candidate to be reckoned with. 

boustanyWhat’s going on?

For months, John Kennedy, Louisiana Treasurer, has owned a double-digit lead over his closest opponent in the US Senate race. Charles Boustany, Congressman from Lafayette has polled in single digits. Today, according to a poll just published Wednesday by Southern Media & Opinion Research, Kennedy now holds a roughly two-point lead which is a statistical tie with Boustany with less than two months left to go in the general election.

interactive mediaOne of my favorite topics to discuss, quite frankly, is Louisiana’ technology industry , specifically the interactive or digital media industry.


In the 90’s, I wrote a technology column for the Baton Rouge Business report and occasional articles for the Times Picayune.  At the time, I also created and recorded weekday morning radio minutes on the local Bloomberg radio station, discussing technology and economic development.  One of the main themes was the lack of technology in Louisiana, the dearth of venture capital, and the lack of government involvement in helping the industry grow.

trump compressedSo President Obama, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton birther debate is over, right?

Not exactly.

Today as represented by this twitter video, is one of those days that opens up to a Friday weekend of news reports and talking heads.  What might be the story line?

boustanyWe now know that the US Senate race is becoming a war between John Kennedy, Treasurer, and Congressman Charles Boustany. Both are Republicans.

Kennedy is leading the pack according to all polls, Boustany is the Republican with the best chance of catching Kennedy. For the most part, they both are playing to the same audiences. Kennedy’s major strength has been in Alexandria, a hop skip and jumps away from Lafayette, Cajunland which is home for Boustany.


trump hideThe US presidential election, for now, is coming down to health records, buckets of deplorables, tax records, seizures (not of the property-seizing type), not for profit foundations and cover-ups.

In short, that is what we are seeing as the campaign moves into the two months and counting mode.

trump plan super small 3

Faster that a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall towers, with a single bound...


show 4Donald Trump, the man who said he will always be honest with America, the candidate who said he will always tell us the truth, made an admission last night that defies his promises of veracity.

On Tuesday’s Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor,” Republican presidential nominee replied to Hillary Clinton’s criticism of his refusing to release his tax returns by stating, “Let her release her emails, and I’ll release my tax returns immediately.”


trump bondiThere is now, even more than ever before, compelling reasons for Donald Trump to release his income tax records before the upcoming elections.

On Friday, the Washington Post provided an update to the Donald Trump political contribution to Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, story.  The article provided evidence that Donald Trump paid a $2500 penalty in relationship to that contribution.  There is strong reason to believe Trump and Bondi were involved in a pay-per- play scheme in which Trump was trying to hide from the IRS, his political donation to Bondi.

NFIP Logo 8 1Let’s say your house has been flooded and you seek assistance from the federal government.  You do not have flood insurance.  Do you have any options?

That is an issue Louisiana Commissioner Jim Donelon and I discussed on Wednesday on our Facebook Live interview.

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