Bayoubuzz Staff
Bayoubuzz Staff

landrieuThe United States Senate Democratic Caucus today voted to appoint U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., as the chair of the powerful Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. On Thursday, February 13, 2014, the U.S. Senate will take a formality vote on an organizational resolution, when Sen. Landrieu will officially take the helm of the committee.

idea-villageIn the fourth week of March (March 22-28), entrepreneurs, techies, innovators, dealmakers, thought leaders, and investors from around the country will convene for the 6th annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW).

jindal-speechIn many ways, today, might be called the first day of the legislative seession 2014 as Governor Bobby Jindal submitted a balanced budget proposal to the Legislature.   Here is the Jindal press release that explains the Executive budget and the governor's priorities.

gayJust one year after coming to Toronto from Memphis, Rudy Gay is on the move again. The Raptors have traded Gay along with Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy – both reserves – to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for forwards Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson and John Salmons.


102708 bagneris storyWhy would a senior judge at the Civil District Court of New Orleans give up the prestige, the career stability the respect and all of the trappings that go with it to run for mayor against a man with the golden last name?

cloud1The cloud has been making major strides in the consumer market for several years, but now it seems that it is about to take off in enterprise computing as well. According to a recent forecast by IDC, one of the world’s leading IT market analysis firms, 2014 is going to be the year that the cloud enters the mainstream of enterprise computing.

ford-puts-self-driving-car-on-show1This week, Ford unveiled its vision of the future – a prototype for an autonomous vehicle based on the Ford Fusion Hybrid. The company will be using the vehicle as part of a research program that it hopes will lead to it launching a driverless car to market by 2025. Ford is working with the University of Michigan and the insurance firm State Farm on the initiative, which is intended to catapult Ford into the lead in the race to bring driverless cars to the mass market.


To show the importance of the future of New Orleans and possibly to offset the impact of campaign money reportedly coming in from outside Republican sources to help defeat Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, President Barack Obama has stepped into the mayoral political ring and has endorsed current Mayor Mitch Landrieu in his bid for a second term.

moretAs the New Year approaches, Stephen Moret, Secretary of Louisiana Economic Development touts the economic growth of Louisiana during 2013 by releasing the following statement and report: 

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 Google Power: WINNING your Political Campaign
Google Power: WINNING your Political Campaign 

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Google Power: WINNING your Political Campaign