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Bayoubuzz Staff

jindal-landrieuHow popular or unpopular is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal?  How is Democrat U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu doing in her race for her fourth term in the Senate?

SMOR pollster Bernie Pinsonat, Stephen Sabludowsky and Jeff Crouere discussed these and other issues today in the WGSO-Bayoubuzz.com Google Hangout weekly webcast, heard on 990AM and seen on Bayoubuzz.com

jindal-differenceLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has issued excerpts for his high-profiled speech  Saturday May 10, giving the commencement address to Liberty University’s graduating class of 2014 in Lynchburg, Virginia.   A commencement address at Liberty University is often considered by many conservatives as a plum opportunity, especially for one seeking a national office, such as President of the United States.

PAC-MAN-VITTERLast Friday, U.S. District Court Martin Feldman ruled that the super PAC supporting David Vitter’s Gubernatorial campaign can raise an unlimited amount of money. The Fund for Louisiana’s Future sued the Louisiana Board of Ethics, who earlier this year refused to change the cap, saying it lacked jurisdiction to declare a state law unenforceable or unconstitutional. The ethics board has not yet decided whether or not they are going to appeal the decision. Read more.

nola-sportsToday, Governor Bobby Jindal, INDYCAR and Laney Chouest, NOLA Motorsports Park owner, announced that INDYCAR is developing plans for a Verizon IndyCar Series race to be held at NOLA Motorsports Park in Jefferson Parish. The race will be known as the Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana at Nola Motorsports Park and would be organized by Andretti Sports Marketing. The internationally televised event would be one of the races in the Verizon IndyCar Series Championship, which features the drivers and cars of the Indianapolis 500-mile race.

jindal-obamaLouisiana Senator Karen Carter Peterson, the Chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party, today issued its newsletter excoriating Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for its privatization plan which the federal government has rejected.  Some believe, the rejection is Obama administration political payback against Jindal for his positions and policies on healthcare which have been critical against the Affordable Care Act. 

creationism debateFracking, religion, Louisiana schools, evolution, creationism, Planned Parenthood, abortions, the Tea Party, Obama, the political right versus the political left--another hour on Ringside Politics--WGSO radio, hosted by Jeff Crouere.  

This time, the program could be seen via webcast on Bayoubuzz.com, via Google hangout or could be heard on WGSO.com or on 990AM on the radio dial.

tourismLouisiana businesss and organizaton news of the day...

Press releases from New Orleans Hospitality and Tourism, First Friday, YLC Wednesday at the Square, NORLI and United Healthcare

ceo boysieThe US Senate race commercials are in the Louisiana news again.  The shipbuilder and strong Republican, Boysie Bollinger, cut a commercial in support of Mary Landrieu.  The commercial has angered many republicans who want Landrieu out of office.  Another Landrieu commercial has created a stir. That commercial shows Mary Landrieu at a public hearing which did not exist. 

jindal-GE-new-orleansToday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal did what some believe he does best--announcing--yet, another major economic development project win.  Today, his administration made two announcements, one concerning a technology center in Lafayette and the second at the Port of New Orleans.

villereLouisiana Republican Party chairman is back in the Vance McAllister “kissing congressman” news.


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