Bayoubuzz Staff

Bayoubuzz Staff

Jindal-differenceIt is not often that a liberal or "progressive" group openly praises Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, but, on Tuesday, a pro-gay group did exactly that in an press email.   

The race for U.S. Senate is roughly one year from now, but the campaign gets more interesting as it gets closer.

For one, most thought the competition would be against current republican Congressman Bill Cassidy and Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu.  Then, walked in tea-party favorite Col. Rob Maness who is running to the right of Cassidy.  According to Maness, Cassidy is not conservative enough for Louisiana and Landrieu must be beaten.

Lately, another republican name has surfaced in being a contender--State Rep. Alan Seabaugh.  

manessSome now wonder should Seabaugh step into the ring, whom would it help?

For one, perhaps, it is Mary Landrieu.  Would it also mean that other republicans might also enter the field?  

anba1Want to know how young entrepreneurs have made it in the tech world?  Thinking of Christmas in the big Easy, or taking a cruise, perhaps?  How about celebrating two Holloween's?

hairWhat's happening "Round Louisiana"?

Today's news: NOLA Tech Week, Successes and Failures, a Hairy Le Petit Theater, Great Minds in Stem plus Job Fair 

new-orleans-tourismCongrats to Charlie Agostino and the wonderful work being performed at the Louisiana Business and Technology Center for their latest achievements.

payton2blueThe New Orleans Saints are now 1-0, Sean Payton is in the saddle as head coach, Drew Brees shows once again he is superstar quality and the team is ready to take on the hungry Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in Tampa Bay.

Do you have a product, service or even a message  that you want a targeted audience to see, to read and to act upon?

The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authorithy-East (SLFPA-E) issued this statement today regarding its controversial lawsuit opposed by Governor Bobby Jindalwetlands

At the foundation of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East (SLFPA-E) lawsuit against 97 oil companies are multiple bases, including scores of permits triggering obligations on the part of the companies to repair the damage caused by their operations.

kerrySecretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to participate in a Google Hangout about the Syria crises.  Here are comments from the Google Hangout event:  (Watch hangout below).

waguespackThe Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) is passing the gavel, once again.