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Metairie, Louisiana

edwards gentillyWhile the Legislature and the Governor Jon Bel Edwards determine the current Revenue Estimating Conference determination of budget shortage, tomorrow, Louisiana will be glued to an unprecedented "State of the State Address" by the governor.

Below is the email by the administration descriing the broadcast.

capitol red blueJon Bel Edwards meets with Louisiana Senate as Speaker Barras responds to session call

There might be some friendlier ties in the Louisiana Senate, but nothing cooking like that in the House.

BARRAS 5The Louisiana Democratic Party has unleashed an attack against Bobby Jindal, Speaker Taylor Barras, Rep. Cameron Henry and republican legislators while supporting Governor Jon Bel Edwards's budget proposals which includes taxes.  This email is from the Party:

gun constitutionDespite the political influence of the gun industry in Louisiana, with almost any legislator or Louisiana politician wanting public office, the gun industry's impact and the state's dependency is relatively insignificant compared to some other states.


dhhLouisiana Secretary of Department of Health and Hospitals Rebecca Gee, has presented a plan to the Division of Administration that provides for various options depending upon the amount of revenues availale as the new administration led by Governor Jon Bel Edwards, readies for a major budget special session given a severe $2.6 billion dollar shortfall after taking over from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Here isa press release from Secretary Gee:

morialby Marc Morial

"The Academy has a problem. It's a problem that needs to be solved...For 20 opportunities to celebrate actors of color, actresses of color, to be missed last year is one thing; for that to happen again this year is unforgivable. This institution doesn't reflect its president...I am an Academy member and it doesn't reflect me, and it doesn't reflect this nation." 

- David Oyelowo, Actor, January 2016


Louisiana political news for today:

Garvey succeeds Roemer, Abramson explains and—the Edwards Finance Committee Transition report is out.

jindal cavutoby Tom Aswell, Publisher of the Louisiana Voice

Gov. John Bel Edwards hasn’t even issued the call yet for a special legislative session to deal with the state’s budgetary woes and already state lawmakers appear to have the collective attention span of a gypsy moth.

breesWhile the New Orleans Saints and fans debate the future of Drew Brees due to his $30 million dollar dent to the existing salary cap, there is little doubt that even in an off year, Brees is in a class of his own--even at age 36. 

kennedy radio On Wednesday, the Louisiana State Treasurer, John Kennedy circulated a report indicating that the Louisiana budget is worse than expected.

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