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jindal-state-of-unionby Stephen Sabludowsky

When Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal faces the nation tomorrow, as he announces his official run for President of the United States, there are certainties.

He will criticize President Obama and Hillary Clinton and the democrats.  He will warn us about the war on religious liberty.  He will boldly state he has successfully balanced the budget every year without raising taxes.  He will tell the world that Louisiana’s economy, under his leadership has performed miracles, thus, the country can anticipate the same under his stewardship--if he were president.

Louisiana-house-repsLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed HB1, the budget into law and issued line item vetoes.  He stated below that the budget is balanced without tax increases, however, there were over 700 million dollars in tax increases.  Jindal balanced the budget with a scheme called the SAVE act, which was designed to protect his presidential run, which official begins June 24.

pinocchio1For those who want a really good laugh only days after a grueling legislative session, or for those longing to read a good fictional story to rock yourself to sleep, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's office has issued a "Fact Sheet" on the Louisiana State budget.  He claims Louisiana has cut government, protected higher education and healthcare.

edwards-trinaNow that the Louisiana legislative session is over, if you are still looking for the next political brawl, you need not look any further. 

The June 2015 lineup is complete.    The main draw punching it out will be Edwards vs. Edwards.  The big question is whether they are Mann enough or if either will crawfish out of the bout?

house-legisGovernor Jindal: Don’t tell us we balanced budget by not raising taxes

The Louisiana legislative session from hell is over.  Here are some quick observations:

gov-mansion-xmas“If we are honest with ourselves, we can all agree that too many of those stereotypes rang true. In our past, too many of our politicians looked out for themselves. Too many arms of state and local government did not get results. And the world took note. Those stereotypes cost us credibility. They cost us investment. They cost us jobs.”—Governor Bobby Jindal, January 2008, Inauguration address

 I don't know about you.  But, being honest with myself, I feel hit by a Grover Norquist and Bobby Jindal tax-scheme fraud.  Being further honest, I feel threatened by what I call a Jindal veto-extortion.  

Kennedy-interview2Welcome to the world of Louisiana government "white is black" and "up is down" time.  Yep, we’re coming upon the last days of the legislative session.  Being $1.6B in the hole, it’s a doozy, if ever one, so much so--it's making me dizzy,with confusion. 

robideaux-pic2Now, seven days, and counting.

For many reasons, perhaps, Wednesday could be considered one of the most important days of the 2015 Louisiana legislative session, at least, to date.

jindal-waveThe Louisiana House Ways and Means Committee appears to have struck a significant blow to the Louisiana budget and to Governor Bobby Jindal's attempt to avoid tax increases today when it voted down SB284 which would set up an account mechanism in which Louisiana university students  would be charged a fee, triggering a tax credit that would help fund higher education and would help Louisiana balance its budget.

Make-My-Day“Make our day”?

Are we hearing the Louisiana legislators mumble these words?

Maybe not now, but, I believe they can and they will.

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