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Posted by Brian Salvatore on Sunday, February 28, 2016
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trump riggerAl Gore…voter fraud…the election is rigged!

When will this election ever end?  And when it does, will we accept the results?

Last night, Donald Trump, when asked about whether he would accept the results, failed to say yes.  He did not say “no” either.  He simply said he “would see”.


maness siteTonight, if you are not watching any of the nightly presidential election drama on one of your cable networks, check out the LPB debate for the Louisiana United States Senate seat to replace retiring Senator, David Vitter.


farwell2What gains, if any, did Donald Trump make during the second debate with Hillary Clinton, after perhaps the worst weekend of his Presidential campaign?

This was the overall topic of discussion in the first part of my interview with James P. Farwell, a New Orleans-based national and international Republican political consultant.

sleepyWelcome to the "fall" of the Louisiana US Senate race.  Believe it or not, it's October and "yes, Virginia, there really is a US Senate race here in the state".

foundationRoughly, five weeks left to go in the presidential election and one must wonder—can this race get nastier? 

Well, it can.  Simply check your twitter feed.  You will discover quickly, the allegations thrown around, the news stories being circulated, are as vicious as they get. In a quick twittering around, this is what is on our feed this afternoon:

fayard foster campbell 2Polls, polls, polls…

Political campaigns would be impossible without them.  However, because there is always a debate about the credibility of one poll compared to another, campaign prognostication becomes more speculation that reality.  Polls are also a snapshot in time, not a projection. 


silversThe debate over online polls versus scientific polls might rage on in the minds of Donald Trump and some of his supporters, but, according to some recent post-debate numbers, Hillary Clinton has emerged the victor of Monday night’s debate.

The CNN and NBC Survey Monkey polls have Clinton has the clear and decisive winner of the debate. 

kennedy officeYesterday, pollster John Couvillon of JMC Enterprises of Louisiana/Analytics and Polling, emailed a notice to his newsletter subscribers that he would be interviewed via a Bayoubuzz Facebook Live, regarding what he called his “somewhat controversial commissioned” poll.

fleming ad 3On Monday, JMC Analytics and Polling sent out, by email, a poll which it also published on its own site that reflected some pretty surprising, if not, shocking news.

Skyrocketing to the top of the polls were Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell (D), and Congressman Charles Boustany (R).  Snuggled in that top group was Congressman Fleming, one point behind the two, thus, in a statistical tie as a leader for the US Senate race.

The Fleming campaign, on the same date, posted on its own campaign site, “Boustany and Campbell hold steady at 15%, Fleming doubles support to 14%, and Kennedy plummets to 11%".  


online pollTalk about rigging the system and voter fraud. Or, perhaps worse.

Donald Trump, his campaign and some of his ardent supporters want America to believe that he was the overwhelming winner of Monday night’s presidential debate.

There are important issues related to these so-called "polls" and Trump's promotion of them that needs serious analysis.

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