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The issue is Donald Trump, his business interests, his tax returns and his vision for America.

It is a given that Trump is an amazing person.  He has a compelling presence, has accomplished remarkable things in his life, created opportunities for tens of thousands and has inspired a large population of Americans to be involved in the process.

What are TrumpEscorts.com and MystiqueCompanions.com?   

Has Donald J. Trump, through any of his business interests, engaged in the business of women escorting services whether through these two Internet URLs or related businesses?

Did Donald Trump lie over the issue of John Miller, and if so, does it matter to Trump supporters, anyway?

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that Trump had pretended to be a mysterious and new man to the Trump organization, PR “John Miller” who in 1991 dish out scintillating and positive news spin to a People’s magazine interview.

Should Louisiana hold a special session this June after the regular legislative session or should it wait until the latter part of the summer?  Will we cut only or raise taxes?  Which is more important to the state--TOPS or healthcare?  TOPS or higher education?  Which is more important to the voters?

These issues are just some of the issues Southern Media and Opinion Research pollster, Bernie Pinsonat and I discussed earlier this week, as we conducted an online video interview, to discuss various issues, such as the presidential elections and the Louisiana legislative session.

Currently, the issue of healthcare vs. higher education, TOPS vs. healthcare is fronnt and center given the fact that Louisiana is in a $600 million dollar hole, still after raising taxes during the past two legislative sessions.


It's Louisiana budget sausage time once again and the House is looking at the Appropriations Bill today, hoping to make cuts, without the necessity of raising taxes.

For nearly a year, we’ve heard many of the Trump supporters, campaign leaders and future delegates claim that Trump can be trusted, but the other candidates could not.  They have called Trump the ultimate outsider of “outsiders” and somehow, they believe his sudden intrusion upon the scene of party politics will help this country.

If you're like me, you’re probably all-profiled-out.

Like me, you probably have profiles on LinkedIn, Google Plus and on social media sites, your web page and throughout the web.

This article is about the major Louisiana budget deficit and the “New Age” way to solve it.

You will understand better as you read more below.
One of the big Louisiana legislative days of reckoning comes Monday as the focus on next year’s budget takes center stage and the future options of the legislature undergo greater scrutiny.  

The VP sweeps are starting, the veeps sweeps are starting.

And, who knows, many of the merry men and women, who have denounced the Good Donald, just might be lining up for a nod.

Virtual reality?
What the heck is it?
Is it reality, just virtual, meaning hardly, not just there?

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