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Walt Bennetti

Walt Bennetti

new-orleans-tourismWhile I would prefer that Governor Jindal would drastically cut the size of state government (truth be told, I think all levels of government should be drastically cut), I’ve been intrigued by his plan to eliminate the state income tax and replace it with an increased state sales tax. 


Jindal-Meet-the-pressOn the NBC News show “Meet The Press”, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called out President Obama and told him to “Stop campaigning”.


money-in-nestGovernor Jindal’s plan to eliminate the state income tax and raise the state sales tax is being met with opposition on both political fronts but will actually bolster the Governor politically whether it passes or is defeated.


Despite a recommendation that the enforcement of a two-week suspension of City Bar's alcohol permit be suspended, Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng ignored the recommendation and pushed for an enforcement of the two-week suspension.

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