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louisianaChief Information Officers (CIOs) and Executives from across the country will attend the Louisiana Technology Council’s 8th annual CIO/CEO Forum to share their perspectives on industry trends, technology, and innovation. Panelist will give a brief presentation on their company’s best practices and implementation of technology followed by Q and A from the audience.

Individual Ticket, LTC Members $50, Non-LTC Members $75

Table Sponsorship with 8 Seats - $800 (also includes table sign and acknowledgment in program and on LTC website)

This year's panel includes:

The burning eyes of the Flaming Liberal of Talk Radio, David C. Bellinger
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 08:40

liberalWithin the shadows of right-wing talk radio world, resides a voice without eyes but a man with an interesting yet strident vision as to the world he watches.  

This man has angered many conservative radio talk show hosts and station managers now for years and has been banned from various stations from time to time in his quest to enlighten his political and philosophical opposition who appear to dominate the echo chamber of new age audio politics.


What if Jindal chose LED's Moret for LSU’s President spot?
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 02:22 Written by

MoretLSU President Bill Jenkins said today that finding a new LSU system president might be tough.

My guess is that’s music to Gov. Bobby Jindal‘s ear. If Jenkins is correct and the search committee drills a dry hole, then won’t it be easier for Jindal to install his own candidate?


New Orleans Saints owner, Benson NFL’s Goodell talk; Vilma not listening?
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 05:53 Written by

tom benson saintsSaints owner Tom Benson and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had a civil and passionate meeting in Tuesday in New York, according to a source.

Benson aired all of his concerns about the Saints bounty drama. Benson wanted to discuss the Saints' embattled offseason and the manner in which his team has been treated for its role in the alleged bounty program.

You wouldn't expect Goodell to get into a heated argument with Benson. The commish must stand firm with his Saints discipline while also dealing with Benson who is ostensibly his boss.


Mrs. Obama, get your hands off Gabby Douglas’s Egg McMuffin, and ours
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 08:04 Written by

leno-obama-olympicsOn Monday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas confessed that she celebrated her gold medal by enjoying a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.  For a 16 year-old who has been training for years and working non-stop such a guilty pleasure was certainly deserved.

Unfortunately, seated next to Gabby on the couch was First Lady Michelle Obama, the nation’s unofficial health and wellness czar. She was taken aback by the youngster’s “shocking” meal choice.  She told Douglas that “you’re setting me back” and that in her view Americans should not be encouraged to eat Egg McMuffins. 


New Orleans asset poverty short of catastrophic
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povertyA new report reveals that a substantial population of New Orleans citizens live in severe "asset poverty" and are months away from catastrophic  poverty if the the main source of family income is lost. 

The report, by the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) and local partner the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center (GNOCDC) reveals a significantally different picture than projected by business organizations and national media which have promoted the real growth of the entrepreneurship in the city in recent years, particularly, after Hurricane Katrina.

Below is a press release by a non-for-profit group the Greater New Orleans Foundation which has provided numerous financial grants to organizations in the city.


Louisiana Legislature submissive over Jindal’s capitol picks
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Leges following orders

In violation of the Separation of Powers article in the state constitution (LA Const. Article II, Section 2) the leges have allowed Bobby Jindal to choose the presiding officers of both houses of the lege, the committee chairs, the members of each committee and now, it appears, the lege staff.

On Saturday, Tom Aswell of Louisiana Voice reported that Jindal is about to install his Deputy Chief of Staff as the interim head the Legislative Fiscal Office. ( See story here.)

This move by Jindal should come as no surprise as it was predicted two weeks ago.

The interim appointee is selected by the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget (controlled by Jindal) and will serve until a permanent Lege Fiscal Officer is selected.


ESPN’s serves whopper over New Orleans Saints Loomis’s eavesdropping bit
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 00:48 Written by

 whopper    So Louisiana State Police investigators have spent your tax dollars and a couple of months discovering a fact that most of a sane civilization already knew. Saints GM Mickey Loomis did not order Superdome wiring rigged to eavesdrop on opposing coaches' booth-to-field communications. In another announcement that did not receive much attention, the LSP investigators announced that former Governor Huey Long is still dead.

     Monday's revelation was probably the biggest no-news news conference the LSP have ever held, but don't blame them. It just points up the fabrication that ESPN reporter John Barr tried to perpetuate onto a vulnerable and willing public with his allegations about the eavesdropping equipment. The report came at a time when the Saints were being accused of every impropriety since the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, for which they may yet suffer further suspensions. Any allegation of impropriety in the wake of Bountygate automatically carried some perception of truth, which created a feeding frenzy of news sleuths looking behind every tree for a suspicious Indian.


Vilma, NFL wait, New Orleans Saints prepare for Jaguars
Monday, 13 August 2012 19:26

spag-vitt2While the New Orleans Saints are getting ready for their next opponent, this week, the Jacksonville Jaguars, eyes are still pointing towards Poydras and Camp streets in New Orleans-based federal Judge Ginger Berrigan still has not issued her decision on Vilma v. NFL Bounty claims.

Many football and court watchers, and certainly the protagonists in this match—Jonathan Vilma, NFL, Roger Goodell, NFLPA the suspended players and coaches and others are waiting anxiously for the verdict.

Jindal's road to DC depends upon Romney-Ryan's fate
Monday, 13 August 2012 01:53 Written by

louisiana-washington-wayIf Gov. Bobby Jindal does envision a career ahead of him in extremely high national office, potentially the Republican vice presidential candidate pick of former Gov. Mitt Romney of Rep. Paul Ryan presents the most problems possible for that to come to fruition and directly affects his next steps relative to service to the state of Louisiana.

Ryan went a bit against type in becoming (presumptively) only the fourth nominee in the past century from a major party from the House that did not serve in the Senate or as a governor (and the only winner, John Nance Garner who became vice president in 1933, had served as both House Speaker and Minority Leader). In fact, one must go back over a century to find the closest parallel to a choice like Ryan’s: the GOP’s James Sherman who won in 1908 and, like Ryan, was famous for sweeping policy preferences but, like Ryan, was not in the highest leadership positions in the House and/or his party.



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