Louisiana Business: Mark Lewis leaving LTC, Jindal and Tech College, Ports at risk, N.O. Biotech

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 07:52

louisianaToday, Governor Bobby Jindal marked the opening of the new L.E. Fletcher Technical Community College campus development. 

The new development will house facilities including the new Coastal Commerce Library, an academic resource learning center, student services offices, nine computer labs, and 25 classrooms for arts, sciences, accounting and business programs. 


Jindal's Louisiana education reform is courting political capital
Tuesday, 31 July 2012 06:28 Written by

ldoe logoThe recent ruling on injunctive relief sought by education reform opponents from a new Louisiana law’s implementation seems more timed to political considerations than rooted in law, even as its opponents’ arguments appear meritless, in order to store reserves of political capital.

On Aug. 1, the first distribution of public funds as part of reforms that permit families below certain incomes with children attending subpar public school to use these to pay for education at a private school outside of Orleans Parish will commence (a similar program already has operated in Orleans for a few years). Opponents filed suit weeks ago on the bases that this violated the Constitution by sending money through the Minimum Foundation Program for what is not done by public schools and that the instrument authorizing this did not have enough votes to pass in the House.


High-noon for Louisiana GOP and Ron Paul supporters for Republican delegates
Tuesday, 31 July 2012 05:43 Written by

high-noonThe battle within the Louisiana Republican Party over Ron Paul delegates to the national convention continues and is headed for a showdown before the Republican National Committee.
Ron Paul supporters are gearing up to challenge the entire slate of 46 delegates selected by state GOP leaders, who support Mitt Romney.
The Louisiana Republican Party last week submitted its slate of delegates to the party’s national convention, filling slots that backers of Ron Paul won at the tumultuous state convention with supporters of Romney.


Is Brees’s pick, Marques Clark in tradition of Colston, Ivory and Jimmy Graham for New Orleans Saints?
Tuesday, 31 July 2012 00:11 Written by

graham-panthersDrew Brees is getting plenty of praise for caring about and finding what could be a diamond in the rough in Marques Clark, a 28-year-old rookie who has spent the last years teaching.

The question is whether Clark will make the team and if so, will he be a keeper as other Saints players have been who have been sleepers.
Doug Ferrar of Yahoo Sports has written, “It would be a great story if Clark could make it that far, and it wouldn't be that unusual for the Saints -- with or without Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis in charge -- to take such a flyer. Marques Colston, the team's current best receiver, was thought to be a tight end prospect coming out of Hofstra. Backup running back Chris Ivory was scooped up from Tiffin after Washington State let him go. Members of the Saints' current offensive line come from schools named Bloomsburg and Towson. Clark has been told that his story reminds some of Michael "Beerman" Lewis, who went from driving a beer truck to unexpected status as a return man for the Saints some years ago.


Jindal ethics extoled, exorcism debated, Louisiana job denounced
Monday, 30 July 2012 08:00 Written by

Jindal-airJindal, as in Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal or possible GOP vice president candidate Bobby Jindal continues to become a house-hold word as his reputation as well as his own words penetrates the media and the minds of Americans.

As he campaigns for presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, newspapers throughout Louisiana are publishing more and more op-eds about his absence while the state deals with severe healthcare cutbacks. 


New Orleans Saints won’t need Sean Payton “Do your Job” poster to feel his force
Monday, 30 July 2012 07:16 Written by

 payton2blue    I sensed a moment of true comfort when I saw the photo of the newly erected Sean Payton billboard at the Saints' indoor practice facility. In case you missed it, the  suspended coach's steely glare looks down on his players and coaches in such a way that one receiver commented that no matter where he was on the field, the coach's eyes appeared to be on him. The caption under the photo says simply "Do your job." 

     Who Dat Nation should put away the Sal Hepatica because this supports my belief that Payton's absence this season will not have the adverse impact on the team's chances that many believe it will. The reason I believe this is that Payton is still around. His presence is far more evident than a billboard and far less than suspicions that Payton, Joe Vitt and Mickey Loomis have untraceable burn phones upon which they talk several times a day. People who believe that are watching too many NCIS reruns!


New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees ex-Saint Shockey question Goodell’s credibility
Monday, 30 July 2012 00:41 Written by

goodellNFL commissioner Roger Goodell  might have the last say, but, some players are speaking out against his credibility.

In case it slipped by you, Drew Brees is unhappy with the NFL's handling of the investigation into the Bountygate, and he's displeased that the Saints will be playing without their suspended coach Sean Payton this season.

And former Saints tight end has teed off on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, accusing him of lying about the health effects of concussions.


Gays and Chick-fil-A Day
Monday, 30 July 2012 05:16 Written by

chick-fil-aOn Wednesday, I will be joining what I imagine to be tens of thousands of fellow Christian conservatives by patronizing Chick-fil-A, though in all honesty, I probably would have gone there anyway.

The Georgia-based fried fowl eatery has been my favorite fast food spot since high school.

New Orleans bounces from Katrina, now U.S. fastest growing city
Sunday, 29 July 2012 13:39

new-orleansNew Orleans, now close to seven years away from the devasations of Hurricane Katrina is bouncing back with a vengence and now according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it is now the fastest growing city in America. 

According to an email sent by Michael Hecht of the Greater New Orleans Inc, ""A Look Into America's Fastest Growing City," Forbes describes the "ABCs" of Greater New Orleans' long-term growth and prosperity:  financial Assets (low costs, targeted incentives), Bourgeoning industries (digital, biomedical, startups) and Culture (recently voted most creative, romantic, authentic, mysterious and culturally rich in America).  

Jindal says Democratic Party has called him all kinds of names
Sunday, 29 July 2012 08:54

jindal-differenceLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, in an exclusive interview with CBS 4 has said that the Democratic Party has called him all types of names.

Asked if he has faced that sort of prejudice where opponents have tried to make him seem foreign and different because of his background as an Indian-American.

“Oh the Democratic Party has done all kinds of nonsense, they’ve called me all kinds of names.”



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