Stop Income Tax Loss Is Better Choice For Louisiana Legislature

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 14:44 Written by

Governor JindalAs Louisiana faces a $1.6 billion budget deficit, the Legislature has advanced bills that would eliminate Louisiana's corporate and personal income taxes. Another would make it even more difficult to pass budget bills in the House of Representatives. This is apparently being done without significant opposition from the governor’s office.

Better Choices for a Better Louisiana, a broad-based coalition of businesses and nonprofit organizations represents environmental, human welfare, healthcare, labor, faith-based, social justice, and civil rights interests, opposes these efforts to undermine the fiscal integrity of the state. Nearly half of the state’s general fund revenues would be lost without the corporate and personal income taxes.

New Orleans Saints: Bush, Ingram, Will Smith, Manning, Greg Williams
Wednesday, 25 May 2011 13:52 Written by

Drew BreesBelieve it or sneer, but new Saints running back Mark Ingram wants Reggie Bush to remain with the team despite his presence makes Bush expendable.

But such is the case. Ingram and Bush have known each other for a couple of years and have talked about having two Heisman Trophy winners in the same backfield.  They were even on the same flight to Los Angles last week. Ingram was in LA to be interviewed on Friday night's "Total Access" on NFL Network.

"I'm really looking forward to being in the same backfield as Reggie and on the same team," said Ingram during the interview. "Definitely we want him with us. I think it would be nothing but an advantage for our team to have an explosive guy like him in our offense.

Will Louisiana Gov. Jindal Win Merger Second Time Around?
Wednesday, 25 May 2011 11:10 Written by

JindalLeading the effort of state and local officials and citizens to rise to the challenge of the rising river, Gov. Bobby Jindal burnishes his reputation as a master of disaster. While there is no politics to be played in the ongoing flood watch, the state's fixation on it served to distract attention from Jindal's legislative agenda taking on water at the Capitol.

His signature reform for higher education was lost last week when his ally in the effort, House Speaker Jim Tucker, gave up on passing a bill to merge the University of New Orleans and Southern University at New Orleans, in face of all-out opposition from the Legislative Black Caucus and the Southern community.

Louisiana's LED Moret Says Mega Fund Raid Talks Are Hurting State
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 15:35 Written by

Louisiana CapitolThe budget crunched State of Louisiana is going through some tough times lately.  Its legislature is trying to determine the best way to fix a 1.6 billion dollar hole for the upcoming fiscal year.  One idea that has passed the House Appropriations committee is to raid the state’s $82 million Mega-Project Development Fund which money is dedicated to lure big economic development projects into the state.

The Bobby Jindal administration is opposed to tapping into this fund as well as certain other budgetary measures taken by the House committee.  Specifically, the Louisiana Economic Development Secretary (LED), Stephen Moret has been very vocal about the consequences of using this dedicated money for filling holes in the budget.

Ray Lewis Has Say About NFL Lockout, Crime
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 14:51 Written by

Jeff CrouereBaltimore Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis believes that there will be violence on the streets of America if the NFL season is not played. According to Lewis, “Do this research. If we don’t have a season, watch how much evil, which we call it crime, watch how much crime picks up when you take away our game.”

New Orleans Events: Greek Festival, Golf Tournament, LPO
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Looking for a festival in New Orleans such as the Greek Festival this weekend?   Want to see what's occuring in the always-active French Quarter?  Jazz music?  Great food?
Well, check out these events and notices by LaFete News, published by Frank Stansbury:
Louisiana Business Climate Has Helped Weathered The Economic Storm
Friday, 20 May 2011 14:06 Written by

The current national economic downturn is the worst the nation has experienced since the economic malaise of the early 1980s. Many of us in Louisiana remember well how that terrible recession and the plunge in energy prices devastated our state’s economy. Thousands of Louisiana businesses went bankrupt or left the state, and millions of our workers moved away to find employment elsewhere. It took a full decade for our economy to begin to find solid footing again. It was the most painful economic era since the Great Depression for our people.

The Do-Nothing Louisiana Legislature Will Do No Reform
Friday, 20 May 2011 13:55 Written by

Jeff CrouereOnce again, the people of Louisiana are witnessing failure in action in Baton Rouge. Typical politicians are conducting another unimpressive legislative session. 

While the state deals with a massive $1.6 billion budget deficit, real budgetary reform is nowhere on the horizon. Of course the budget will be balanced, as is required by law, but typical tricks and smoke and mirrors will be employed. 

Louisiana School Bullying Legislation Not A Gay Experience
Friday, 20 May 2011 13:34

Stephen SabludowskyIn the middle of a Louisiana legislative session focused upon fiscal matters such as fixing a budget shortfall hovering over 1.6 billion dollars, comes an issue that will likely spawn a considerable amount of debate—bullying in school versus gay and lesbian protections.

Bullying takes place in schools.  It is not limited to victims who happen to possess a certain orientation.


Poll: How should Louisiana balance its budget?
Friday, 20 May 2011 11:10 Written by


The Louisiana legislative session is focused upon balancing the state’s budget which currently is over $1.6 billion dollars.

There are few options.   


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