Uptown New Orleans Protest Shows Signs Of Obama Race Debate

Friday, 30 September 2011 12:52 Written by

obama-new orelansThe most publicized protest rally this week did not occur in front of City Hall or the federal courthouse, but in a quiet Uptown neighborhood.

On Wednesday, a few dozen protesters gathered in front of the house of Timothy Reily. They were upset that Reily posted some signs depicting President Obama in an unflattering manner. In one sign, Obama is shown wearing a diaper saying “Change Me, I Stink.” Another sign has Obama as a puppet of left wing financier George Soros

Nungesser Blasts Dardenne's "Attack" Ad In Louisiana Lt. Governor Race
Friday, 30 September 2011 12:04 Written by

While there is no hotly contest Governor's race as Bobby Jindal appears to have his re-election wrapped up, the same cannot be said about the Lt. Governor's race between Plaquesmines Parish President Billy Nungesser and the incumbent Jay Dardenne.

On Thursday, the Dardenne campaign unleashed  its first campaign commercial which questioned Nungesser's business ethics.

Bayoubuzz Launches New Political And Election Hub--LouisianaPoliticsNews.com
Friday, 30 September 2011 11:07 Written by

louisiana politics newsBayoubuzz.com, a popular Louisiana news, business, political website has just launched a new social media hub community with the domain name LouisianaPoliticsNews.com.  The hub will collect and aggregate political, election news and information as well as create an organic environment for politicians, candidates, political junkies and the general public to engage.  

Sex, Tea Party And Hypocrisy
Friday, 30 September 2011 10:26 Written by

they are the ugly americans who jeer gay war heroes at huge political events just because they’re gay war heroes. 

they’re the ugly americans who bleat brainlessly and hypocritically about “family values” while ignoring their own sexual hypocrisies and the enormous sexual hypocrisies of those they support. 

Kentucky’s Phillips Hopes For Repeat Win In LSU’s Death Valley, No Joker
Friday, 30 September 2011 10:04 Written by


Joker Phillips has fond memories of  Tiger Stadium or commonly known as “Death Valley”.   When he was a wide receiver at Kentucky coach Jerry Claiborne's 1983 Wildcats traveled to Baton Rouge and had lost seven straight SEC games. LSU had a 10-7 halftime lead until quarterback Randy Jenkins hit Phillips with touchdown passes of 6 and `12 yards. Kentucky's defense made it stand up for a 21-13 victory.
Archbishop Looks Over New Orleans Saints As They Take On Jaguars; Colston Ready
Friday, 30 September 2011 09:27 Written by

ColstonMecom and Archbishop Phillip Hannan

When John Mecom Jr., the original Saints owner, decided to name the franchise the :Saints" he called Archbishop Philip Hannan to make sure the Catholic community would not be offended. But he cautioned Mecom, "You do know that many of the saints of the church were Martyrs.

Dave Dixon first came up with the name "Saints" and Mecom approved it.

Archbishop lived long enough to see the Saints win the Super Bowl.

Louisiana Politics: Chris Christie, Jindal, Tea Party, Elections News; Kershaw
Thursday, 29 September 2011 13:10 Written by

There’s plenty of politics and elections talk going on today.

First, the Louisiana governor’s race.

The Fate Of Louisiana Democrats In GOP-Laden Elections 2011
Thursday, 29 September 2011 11:38 Written by

MansionWith the Democratic ticket bereft of heft (I should get paid for those), Democratic voters statewide are basically up for grabs.

Before we get to that, let's  first get this out of the way: Only one Democratic Candidate for Statewide office deserves a look, and it's not the teacher from Haynesville

Donald Hodge, a young Baton Rouge Attorney, is running for Insurance Commissioner. His main campaign plank? Abolishing the Insurance Commissioner's elected position.  Since we note that at least three of the past four have gone to jail or been indicted, maybe that would be a good idea.

LSU Eyes Kentucky Amid Jefferson, Johns Return And Miles NFL Rumors
Thursday, 29 September 2011 11:19 Written by

Les MilesKentucky coach Joker Phillips said he knows his team is facing another big challenge on Saturday morning when they play No. 1 LSU in Tiger Stadium.

"Defensively, they are one of the best teams in the country," said Phillips at his weekly news conference. "They have got seven sacks, fifth in the SEC tied with us. Turnover margin is the glaring thing they have done as a team. Plus eight, they have only given up three on offense and taken away 11 on defense.

New Orleans Saints Payton, Brees Talk Jacksonville Jaguars, Sproles, Injures, Reggie Bush, Gabbert
Thursday, 29 September 2011 10:04 Written by
paytonThe Saints will take the field against the Jaguars at Jacksonville on Sunday with the NFL's second-ranked in passing and offensives yardage. Their opponent, the Jaguars' passing offense is last in the league. Their rushing offense is sixth.

There is a chance wide receiver Marques Colston could return to the Saints lineup on Sunday. Colston suffered a broken collarbone and was thought to be out for four weeks instead of two. He missed only two games.


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