Bailout Bobby Jindal Bloats Louisiana Budget While Spending Feds' Cash

Monday, 04 April 2011 14:41 Written by

Bobby Jindal, was for bailouts before he was against them. Or put more simply, he's still for bailouts, as long as they occur under the radar and out of sight. He wouldn't want his shiny, conservative bona fides to get soiled:

When Gov. Bobby Jindal announced an ambitious new collaboration between four child-service agencies earlier this month, the stated goal was to streamline and improve services for children with severe behavioral problems.

But there was also another key motive behind the new "Coordinated System of Care" initiative: having the federal government share the cost for services that are now financed mainly by state tax dollars. 

It turns out, Bobby's $25b FY2011 budget is just another bait-and-switch to please wingnut partisans and teahaddist radio personalities. Jindal is happy to decry government spending, but even happier to greedily pocket as much as possible:

Will Louisiana Redistricting Get Legal Challenge Based Upon Race?
Monday, 04 April 2011 14:26 Written by

Democrats look set to follow a scorched earth strategy as a final tactic to try to influence the drawing of legislatures’ district boundaries, as they come to grips with the fact that they no longer call the tune when it comes to that function and with the change in leadership that they are undergoing.


Evidence of this accompanied the introduction of HB 42 by independent Michael Jackson. He’s not currently a Democrat, but was for many years until he felt the white-based hierarchy of the party disregarded too thoroughly the contributions and aspirations of blacks in it and chose to play a spoiler that possibly may have cost it a Congressional seat. And this introduction itself showed how things have changed in three years as to runs the party now.

Louisiana Business--Cardiology Convention, Salazar, Capital One Grants
Monday, 04 April 2011 12:35 Written by

Capital One Grants

Capital One Bank today launched the ‘Investing for Good Award,’ a new philanthropy program through which Capital One Bank will provide support through volunteerism and grants totaling up to $300,000 to four local nonprofit organizations advancing education, financial literacy, and small business and workforce development in greater New Orleans.

Louisiana Redistricting In House And Senate Is More Of The Same
Monday, 04 April 2011 11:17 Written by

Christopher TidmoreThe March Special Legislative session to redistrict the boundaries of 105 House, 35 Senate, and 6 Congressional seats closed its second week with the GOP and the Black Caucuses managing to increase the number of legislative districts gerrymandered to be sympathetic to electing members of each.  
       Yet, the real story of the 2011 Special Session is that neither side got all that it wanted, ensuring the continued survival of many White Democratic districts—especially in the State House and most particularly in New Orleans.

New Orleans Saints: Looks At Anti-trust, Draft, Free Agency
Monday, 04 April 2011 10:04 Written by

Ed StatonIf the 2010 rules resumes, it would be easier for the Saints to keep fourth and fifth-year veterans such as strong safety Roman Harper, left tackle Jermon Bushrod, receiver Lance Moore, tight end David Thomas and defensive tackle Remi Ayondale.

Class warfare Continues In Louisiana, U.S. Budget Debates
Friday, 01 April 2011 19:29 Written by

While the Louisiana Legislature prepares for a session that will consider devastating budget cuts, Washington is already well on the way to adopting a budget that promises major pain for our country’s working families.

The plan working its way through Congress will eliminate Head Start funding for 200,000 children, cut Pell Grants for 9.4 million college students, eliminate primary health care services for 11 million Americans and delay Social Security benefits for about 500,000 eligible citizens.

How Democrat Caroline Fayard Can Succeed In Louisiana Politics
Friday, 01 April 2011 13:14 Written by

The 2010 race for Lt. Governor was a race like any other. As usual, none of my top picks made it to the final round or even came close to winning. In the end, it was a contest between Caroline Fayard and Secretary of State Jay Dardenne. In the mind of this writer, Mr. Dardenne’s conservative credentials were less than stellar, as evidenced by his voting record. More importantly, Dardenne has served in Louisiana politics for over two decades. Given Louisiana’slitany of problems, I tend to shy away from supporting veteran politicians: the definition of insanity is electing the same people and expecting different results.

Jindal Re-Election Machine Raising Dough With Opponents Saying No
Friday, 01 April 2011 12:37 Written by

Jeff CrouereIn recent weeks, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal focused on the home front, raising money and starting his re-election campaign. With a massive campaign war chest of $9.6 million and growing, Jindal is in the catbird seat for his re-election.  

He is no longer considered a presidential contender, but could certainly be tapped for a cabinet position if a Republican candidate wins the White House. Over the next few months, he will not schedule too many out of state fundraisers and political events but will likely stay in campaign mode by staying in the state, asking voters to re-elect him as Governor. Despite $9.6 million in the bank and no opponents on the horizon, Jindal is campaigning like an underdog challenger. Television commercials have begun to air across the state, while personalized phone calls have started to chronic Republican voters asking for volunteer and financial support.  

Bobby’s World: Jindal's Redistricting Session Pranks Say It All
Friday, 01 April 2011 10:52 Written by

Home school hero Timmy Teepell is at it again. Governor Jindal has been given a lot of credit for his political acumen, and maybe this is all part of some grand scheme to be revealed later, but right now, it looks like the Governor's part-time Campaign manager and part-time Chief of Staff is going off the rails.Timmy Teepell

Teepell was seen scheming in the back of the House Chamber for the past couple days as the Republican Caucus continued to try to put the final nail the New Orleans delegation's coffin. It seemed the political and policy arms of the Jindal administration came together swiftly to try to diminish Democratic influence in the State House. Starting with a Monday morning meeting to set the game plan, Teepell pushed a Republican effort to gut New Orleans delegation by drawing Jefferson Parish Republicans into parts of the city

Jindal, of course, publicly denied he had such designs:

"Here we identify ourselves as Louisianians first. That is an important tradition that we must uphold even after redistricting."

Weeks before the session began, Jindal told reporters that he would take a hands-off approach to redistricting the Legislature. I am sure we will be consulted," he said. "I know my boundaries."

So good cop Bobby gets to float above, while bad cop Timmy Teepell starts playing in the mud. Unfortunately, no one forgot on who's behalf  Teepell is working. If the Governor doesn't want to be involved, perhaps he shouldn't send his henchman to the House floor. 

We should be used to Bobby Jindal's obsession with politics. That isn't new. He cares about nothing else, and even in the particularly tricky redistricting fights, he has weighed in numerous times on behalf of his own politics. Jindal/Teepell went as far as to back the elimination of the 30th Majority-Minority Seat in the State House.

Jindal's ceaseless politicking seem to have crashed head-on with his supposed fidelity to Louisiana's citizens in another matter this week. Jindal is being feted by a BP contractor handling claims from the Deepwater Horizon disaster last April:

The $1,000 a plate cocktail reception -- the "host" level costs $5,000 -- is being held Tuesday at the offices of Worley Catastrophe Response, and hosted by the company's chief executive, Mike Worley.

Worley has handled claims on behalf of BP, and later the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, since shortly after the April 20 Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill.

The Jindal pay-for-play administration just keeps on ticking. The fact that Jindal would take money from these folks while "holding BP accountable" is disgusting. But this is Bobby's way. And in Bobby's World, he shouldn't be held accountable for any of this. 

As long as Jindal allow his political life to wholly consume his administration of the state, we'll continue to suffer as a state. Timmy Teepell, the governor's chief of staff/campaign manager, is the clear manifestation of the problem.

Daily KingfishBy Lamar Parmenter, Curator In Chief of The Daily Kingfish



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Surviving Personal Scars From Louisiana Redistricting
Friday, 01 April 2011 10:27 Written by

I spend a lot of hours this time of year traveling around the state doing legislative issues conferences in conjunction with local chambers of commerce. I always find that experience very informative. It is an opportunity to hear the concerns of the business community in various regions of the state and to learn what is on the minds of legislators who represent those areas.


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