Louisiana Politics: Demo Amedee Becomes GOP; Landrieu, Redistricting, SUNO-UNO

Thursday, 17 March 2011 17:52 Written by

Louisiana Republicans Get Another

   Sen. Jody Amedee of Gonzales is now a Republican and is the latest in a string of Democratic State legislator and statewide officials who have abandoned the once-majority party to join the GOP. The Louisiana Republicans, who were once a minority in the Senate, now lead by three seats.  

Louisiana Business: New Orleans Bio District, Baton Rouge Real Estate, GNO Inc, Dr. John, Emeril
Thursday, 17 March 2011 17:13 Written by

Louisiana Business: New Orleans Bio District, Baton Rouge Real Estate, GNO Inc, Dr. John, Emeril Lagasse

Jindal Adm. Picks Skanska-MAPP For New Orleans Medical Center
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The University Medical Center in New Orleans moved closer to fruition as Governor Bobby Jindal’s Commissioner of Administration Paul Rainwater announced today that the state has selected the Skanska-MAPP team to serve as Construction Manager at Risk for the new University Medical Center in New Orleans.


The announcement is the culmination of a contract procurement process initiated by the state’s Office of Facility Planning and Control in December, and follows the opening of sealed cost proposals by the two finalist groups Tuesday afternoon, which showed a Skanska-MAPP cost proposal of $38.2 million, the lower of the two proposals by almost $17 million.

Jindal wants to streamline LouisianJindal wants to streamline Louisiana’s housing agencies
Thursday, 17 March 2011 13:30 Written by

Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced an effort to reform and streamline the state’s disparate housing agencies, including the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency (LHFA), into one streamlined Louisiana Housing Corporation that would oversee all housing funds in the state, uniting almost 30 separate programs currently managed by five organizations.

Jindal Targets Sex Offenders, Bath Salts, Synthetic Marijuana With Louisiana Bills
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Summary:  Governor Jindal  announced legislation to targets Louisiana sex pffenders, bath salts and synthetic marijuana use.

Today, Governor Bobby Jindal was joined by Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator, State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson and other sheriffs and law enforcement officials at the Caddo Parish Correctional Center in Shreveport to announce five bills for the upcoming regular session to crack down on crime in Louisiana. The five bills are aimed at targeting sex offenders using social networking sites, increasing penalties on the monsters who abuse physically and mentally infirm victims and people over the age of 65, ensuring sex offenders are complying with current law, transferring the Missing and Exploited Children Information Clearinghouse to the State Police, and closing the loophole in the law that allowed substances including fake bath salts and synthetic marijuana to be sold legally.

Will LSU’s Patrick Peterson be No. 1 in NFL draft?
Thursday, 17 March 2011 10:30 Written by

If Patrick Peterson wants to read what folks are writing about him, he need look no further than the first few lines of the countless mock drafts circulating around the Internet.

No defensive back has ever been selected No. 1 over-all in an NFL draft, but the LSU cornerback has become a trendy pick to possibly be the first.

New Orleans Saints; Brees, NFL Lockout, Reggie Bush, LSU, Wonderlic
Thursday, 17 March 2011 09:29 Written by

Ed StatonDrew Brees

NFLPA leader Drew Brees said the union will be fine with organized player workouts this offseason if the lockout lasts a while.

Brees and fullback Heath Evans are planning organized group workouts in May.

Tea Party, Congress failed us with Patriot Act
Thursday, 17 March 2011 08:43 Written by

Jim Brown--Louisiana PoliticsWhen Tea party candidates throughout the country ran for office last fall, most members offered soaring campaign promises to defend liberty of ordinary Americans, and fight governmental intrusions on basic freedoms. But whatever hopes there were that newly elected Tea Partiers would put the brakes on intrusive domestic surveillance, illegal wire wiretapping and warrantless searches went out the window just 20 days into the new Congress.

Louisiana African American Caucus Says Merger Is Systematic Demise Of Black Colleges
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 15:11 Written by

The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus has criticized the Louisiana Board of Regents' approval of a merger of UNO and SUNO Universities in New Orleans.  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has pushed the merger as a necessary change to move Louisiana's higher education community in the New Orleans area forward.

The Black Caucus issued this statement:

Today, the Board of Regents voted to recommend the merger of SUNO and UNO into the University of Louisiana System.  The proposed institution would be named the University of Greater New Orleans and would be housed at the grounds of UNO. This vote was simply a rubber stamp of the statement made by the Governor in his press release on Monday, March 14. This merger will require a two-thirds vote of both chambers of the Louisiana Legislature. The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus is opposed to this plan. 

Normal procedures to merge or close a university are usually initiated by at least a one (1) year study, however the Board of Regents has conducted this study in only a month and a half.  This recommendation comes with no factual basis that it will save the state money or that the merger will serve the needs of both SUNO and UNO students.  The LLBC sees this as the beginning of a systematic demise of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities in this state.  The LLBC issues a sincere thank you to the following members of the Board of Regents who stood up and opposed this merger:  Mrs. Maurice Durbin – Denham Springs, La; Mr. Chris Gorman – Shreveport, La; Atty. Donna Klein – New Orleans, LA; Dr. Albert Sam, II, - Baton Rouge, LA; Mr. Victor Stelly – Lake Charles, La and Mr. Demetrius Sumner – Student Representative.

Dr. Sam is a recent addition to the Regents' board after cricisms that Jindal had appointed white-men who have also contributed to his campaign.  Sam is African American.

Louisiana Higher Education Reform Needs Systemic Change

2. Louisiana African American Caucus Says Merger Is Systematic Demise Of Black Colleges

3. Board of Regents meets to decide on SUNO-UNO merger

4. Higher ed study gives vague results

5. New black Regents member Sams sworn in at SUNO-UNO meeting

6. Report on SUNO, UNO merger includes alternatives

7. Louisiana Black Caucus blasts Jindal on Regents, diversity matters

8. Regents To Be Briefed On College Merger Proposal

9. Louisiana Rep. Patricia Smith of Baton Rouge concerned over Jindal’s budget

10. Regents to be briefed on merger proposal 



Jindal On Louisiana TV, Fayard On Campaign Road To Where?
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 14:59

And Bobby Jindal is off..

On the campaign road and for now, perhaps not Washington D.C. Houston, Iowa, Michigan but on a TV near you.  Yes, near you, as in Louisiana. As he makes way to spend Stephen Sabludowsky, Bayoubuzz Publisherhis 9.3 million dollars in campaign money, the Louisiana Democratic Party is doing the political thing too.  It is criticizing his Jindal for hitting the tube with what it calls “slick DC-style ads” without any opponent and with much on his governing plate such as the current budget mess.

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