Pinsonat: Legislators think Grover Norquist is a fraud about Jindal taxes

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 11:53 Written by

pinsonat2The upcoming Louisiana legislative session, the state's massive budget hole, Governor Bobby Jindal's focus upon his own personal future career is receiving plenty of media ink lately.  

Louisiana legislators can smoke Jindal out with tobacco tax
Monday, 16 March 2015 12:17 Written by

jindal-nopePerhaps the Louisiana Legislature will double-dog dare Gov. Bobby Jindal on tobacco taxes, thereby forcing him into what could be a no-win position.

Waguespack: LABI at 40, Right to Work and need to evolve
Monday, 16 March 2015 12:11 Written by

waguespack-compressedby Stephen Waguespack

Those that stay one step ahead of the game are best able to avoid falling two steps behind the competition.   

History of the future of movies and films
Monday, 16 March 2015 11:47 Written by

stanfordby Mike Malak

In the early 1970’s, Howard W. Koch, former President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and father of a subsequent Academy President, Hawk Koch, gave a filmed interview at Santa Anita Racetrack while a groom walked one of his winning thoroughbreds. Koch was asked to describe the future of film. Forty years later his responses to that request have proven him prescient. 

The controlling hand of Carole and Kate Middleton's baby fingers
Monday, 16 March 2015 11:36 Written by

caroleby Sarah Whalen

Why won’t Prince William’s meddling mother-in-law, Carole Middleton, leave Anmer Hall?

ISIS is abusing children, making them soldiers--why coddle these terrorists?
Monday, 16 March 2015 11:11 Written by

hitler-youthby Sarah Whalen
Does the world need another good reason to condemn ISIS, and wipe them out?

John Bolton discusses Jindal’s “No-Go Zones” claims
Monday, 16 March 2015 09:45 Written by

jindal-cavutoDuring the recent “No-Go Zones” controversy, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal cited Ambassador John Bolton’s name in support of the governor’s assertions--that these zones do exist.

Why Ambassador John Bolton is backing David Vitter for Louisiana governor?
Monday, 16 March 2015 08:59 Written by

vitter-boltonLast week, former US Ambassador, John Bolton, announced that he was supporting U.S. Senator David Vitter for Louisiana Governor and that his PAC, John Bolton PAC, would contribute ten thousand dollars to the Vitter campaign for governor.

Email controversies of Hillary Clinton, Bobby Jindal and her other critics
Saturday, 14 March 2015 15:57 Written by

Hillary-Clinton-benghaziby Jim Brown

It’s going to take a lot more than old emails to derail Hillary Clinton’s grasp of the Democratic presidential nomination next year.  Few voters really care how she communicated with her staff while serving as Secretary of State.  Republicans think they are circling the wagons in major attack mode.  But if they look in their own backyard, a number of GOP presidential wannabes, including Louisiana’s fair haired quixotic candidate Bobby Jindal, have the same problem of not following the law when it comes to producing emails. 

Is Ambassador John Bolton a candidate for U.S. President?
Saturday, 14 March 2015 15:42 Written by


What are Ambassador John Bolton’s plans for the upcoming Presidential elections 2016?  It had been reported that he has helped Bobby Jindal in the area of foreign policy.  Will he continue doing so, should Jindal decide to formally declare his candidacy for the nation’s highest job?


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