It’s Romney and the economy, not Ryan or stupid Republicans

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economy-stupidFor months during the Republican presidential primary campaign, Mitt Romney has tried to focus the debate on economic issues.  He has continually argued that the campaign should be about the economy and job creation.  “Bill Clinton beat George Bush by talking about only the economy,” he would argue.  But try as he did during the campaign season, his cohorts, also seeking the Republican nomination, kept bringing up those nasty social issues.

But now that he’s the Republican nominee, Mitt is calling the shots and controlling the GOP agenda.  He’s on the attack and seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping the Democrats on the defensive.  But there’s just one problem.  Romney’s Achilles heel is Republican members of congress, including his new vice presidential nominee, who keep undermining what Romney hopes to be a disciplined conservative economic agenda.

GOP, Akin, Romney seeing Red over greed, embarrassments
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Optimized-romney-redthis has been a hell of a bad week for republicans. no one can wreck the gop like the gop can:

-it’s been disclosed that even now, today, willard mitt romney is making millions of dollars outsourcing u.s. workers’ jobs to china, closing an illinois factory to pursue cheaper labor and excess profits in communist china; what’s worse, adding insult to injury, the displaced workers are being compelled to train their chinese replacements before they get sent to the welfare lines.


Pay-to-play Louisiana government boards, commissions too costly
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legislature jvlastnews thumbIt’s not so much in monetary terms that a Louisiana rife with commissions and boards acts as a drain on the state, but in the inefficiency that this condition brings to policy-making for which the citizenry pays.

This year’s annual report on the number of boards and commissions not in and of themselves a separate state agency by the Legislative Auditor reveals nearly 500 of them. The law also requires computing the costs of personnel serving on these (salaries, per diem payments, and travel expenses), which is at the least approaching $5 million. Note that this does include the overall expenses of these, which can be considerably higher but most of which would be spent by other agencies if that function needs to be performed, nor costs of staff, which also would have to be paid for by another agency if it performed that function, or already is as many of these bodies have minor administrative assistance from personnel on loan from other agencies.


Goodell not welcome; New Orleans Saints lacks responsibility, Ruud needed
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goodellIt is now obvious that Roger Goodell will not have a good welcoming come Super Bowl Sunday 2013.
Goodell could not have picked a worse time to punish a team than he has done with the New Orleans Saints and in particular Jonathan Vilma.
Goodell is not welcome in Vilma’s eatery. The city of New Orleans hosts the Super Bowl and presumably, should the Saints not make it to the land of NFL glory this year, the NFL and Goodell could be blamed for their fate.


Louisiana Politics: John White, Jindal and education, LaGOP, Ed Roy, Angelle, Skrmetta
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gov-mansionEducation is a major topic of discussion in today's issue of Bayoubuz's Louisiana's politics.  Governor Jindal marked the opening of south Central Louisiana Technical College campus.  The Louisiana Department of Education is touting the various new courses that are being approved as a result of the new education policy of the state.  One course focuses upon construction and is introduced by Louisiana Builders and Contractors. 

Also, one writer opines that Governor Jindal might be Romney's choice for Secretary of Education. 


Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin won’t take grand jury for granite
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home-depot-nagin-signjpg-923766868bd942e4Ray Nagin, the worst Mayor in New Orleans history, will appear before a federal grand jury on Friday. According to WDSU-TV, Nagin has been issued a subpoena and ordered to testify.  

We may soon know whether Nagin will join the ever growing list of Louisiana politicians who have been indicted or whether he will be able to weasel out of any charges. Indictments are no big deal in the Pelican State as former Congressman Billy Tauzin famously quipped that “One half of Louisiana was under water and the other half was under indictment.” 


Honey Badger Mathieu, Jindal and LSU's Heartbreak Hotel
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Jindal-LSUIf you ever needed proof that LSU is really just a football team that happens to have an English department, look no further than the response to news that head coach Les Miles booted Tigers’ defensive back Tyrann Mathieu from the team for violating “team policy.”

By the despair (or, perhaps, just overheated discussion) of Tiger fans, you’d have thought LSU had actually lost 10 percent of its faculty in the budget cuts over the past three years; or those budget cuts had forced the school to cancel several foreign language degree programs; or that the most recent budget cuts had forced severe cuts to routine campus maintenance; or that class sizes had grown inordinately high; or that courses had been eliminated; or that the situation this year was so dire and pitiful that the Athletic Department had to contribute $5.5 million to forestall the complete elimination of whole colleges.

Extra burden on New Orleans Saints, Brees without Payton, Vitt and linebackers
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Brees-panthersAs the fourth game of the pre-season approaches, it is obvious that the New Orleans Saints are short in man-power.  The two soft areas right now are linebacker and head coach.

Some of the plans to replace Jonathan Vilma with a strong set of replacements now need to be replaced.

Also, as the two losses in exhibition season has verified, the Saints can use all of the help it can get.  The abstract notion that the Saints will be without its head coach and its backup coach in Joe Vitt is now becoming more concrete.  The New Orleans Saints did not win all of its games and certainly did not win the really crucial games and that is when they were at full throttle.  Now, imagine the top two heads out of operation for the first part of the season due to suspensions and then the main cog being out for the entire year, Sean Payton, and what you have is a lack of not just hard bodies but gray matter up top.   

While it might be easy to bring in a free-agent or trade for a new player to back up a wounded warrior, the idea of installing a new coach for a sizeable part of the season to replace Vitt is almost nonsensical.


Did Walker Recall in Wisconsin help Paul Ryan be Romney’s Pick?
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Paul RyanBy Mike Bayham

One thing reasonable political observers on both sides of the partisan divide can agree on is that the 2012 presidential election will not be a replay of the 2008 contest.

If President Barack Obama is re-elected, his win will not resemble the electoral landslide that swept him and his party into the White House. In all likelihood, the finish will resemble George W. Bush’s squeakers. 

Poll: Who should be Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice, Johnson or Victory
Monday, 20 August 2012 02:39

supreme-court-raceThe decision who will be the next Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice has gone from the legal to the judicial with a foot and arm smack in the political arenas.

Then, this is Louisiana, after all where politics prime over everything imaginable.

However, in this case, the issue is not just politics, it is race.

Black versus White.

Many of the stalwart conservatives believe that Jeffrey Victory should be the next Supreme Court Justice while many of the liberals feel it should be Bernette  Johnson who would be the first woman African American Supreme Court Justice in Louisiana.



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