by Tom Aswell, Publisher of Louisiana Voice

Let the word go forth. From the bayous in the south to the watermelon patches in the north, from Bourbon Street in New Orleans to Texas Street in Shreveport, from McNeese to Louisiana Tech, let the people know:

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Jindal collageWhile Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal no longer has the self-imposed obligation to run a state while also running for U.S. President, the apparently unemployed former-top state official has another responsibility, perhaps of greater importance. 

He must rebuild his own reputation. 

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john bel edwards loresby Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net

What is he thinking?
One has to wonder what Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards thinks about when he lays his head on his pillow at night in the Governor’s Mansion.

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laughingby Tom Aswell, Publisher of Louisiana Voice

Ph.D., it seems really does stand for “piled higher and deeper” in some quarters.

And Jeff Sadow, Ph.D., proves it in spades.

After all, no self-respecting snake oil salesman would attempt to sell what Sadow was hawking in Sunday’s Baton Rouge Advocate.

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young mother testifiesWhile some legislators tearing up today hearing the tough tales from Louisiana voters who appear to be on the losing side of the budget, the state of urgency in the State of Louisiana, is not there yet, or so it seems.

Today, the public in a Senate hearing are voicing their frustrations and concerns about anticipated cuts.

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edwards capitolBy Lou Gehrig Burnett

A penny for your thoughts?

    There are plenty of thoughts likely taking place about a penny among Louisiana voters as a result of the Louisiana House of Representatives approving an additional one cent to the state’s current four-cent sales tax.

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bob mann

What are the students at LSU thinking about when they hear the prospects of their semester closing down in mid-term due to the lack of funding?

What should the state legislature do to quiet those concerns at LSU and elsewhere across the state given Louisiana’s severe budget shortfall which has left the state roughly $940 million dollars in the hole for this very fiscal year and the roughly $2 billion shy for next year, starting July 1 2016?

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emptyWhile the Louisiana legislature probes through different ways to close a budget gap of almost three billion dollars, there are questions whether the state is simply giving away money, or worse, perhaps acting through negligence, malfeasance or in some cases, simply paying out more than is collected. 

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JINDAL NORQUISTBefore the new Democratic governor could even spend his first full month in the Governor’s mansion, Jon Bel Edwards, as expected, came under fire.   He must have known it would happen.  Everybody else did, it would seem.  After all, he is the only statewide democratic elected official in a land surrounded by a hostile sea of red lawmakers.

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jindal waveby Ron Chapman

In Natchez this past weekend the local news announced a major economic expansion for Mississippi.   Governor Phil Bryant announced that Continental AG Corporation had determined to open a new tire plant west of Jackson, Mississippi.   The company would invest $1.4 BILLION in a facility that would employ 2,500 workers with high paying jobs. 

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