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jindal-cnnby Tom Aswell, Publisher of Louisiana Voice

In the four years of our existence, LouisianaVoice has poked fun at, criticized, questioned and challenged Gov. Bobby Jindal on a number of issues and finally, it has come down to the harsh reality that forces us to say what we have refrained, out of respect for the office, from saying thus far:

Bobby Jindal is a fool.

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Jindal-emperorBobby Jindal is easily the worst governor in my lifetime, and arguably, one of the worst governors in the history of the state of Louisiana. I have used my pen and my voice to criticize his policies and priorities on numerous occasions. But nothing he has done while in office compares with his upcoming “prayer rally” at LSU, which is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday.

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jindal-state-of-unionDéjà vu, of sorts?
In late February 2009, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, gave the response to President Obama’s national address. As it turned out, Jindal bombed and has been suffering the consequences ever since.

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The Gray Portrait of Dorian Bobby Jindal
Monday, 19 January 2015 12:21

jindal-twoThe two faces of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal continued today as he delivered his own ”state of the Islamic Union” address in London.  He has told the world that immigrants should assimilate into the mother country rather than cultivating their own culture and religion.

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jindal-speechThe debate over what some people say will be a $1.4 billion budget shortfall, cuts and higher education (once again), and a governor using state money to help launch a presidential run can be heard often at the state capitol in Baton Rouge.  Today, that conversation is being heard overseas, in London.  


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Jindal and Obama: Parallel Universes
Monday, 22 December 2014 12:15


by Lamar White Jr., Publisher of

(Initially published on Cenlamar under title Barry and Bobby)


From two different worlds away, their fathers had always believed in the promise of America, and when they finally got the opportunity to study and work at an American university, they didn’t think twice. They packed up everything they had, and they flew across oceans to be here. They were both idealistic, young, brilliant, and full of ideas and ambition.

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jindal-perry Once again, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, in his quest to become president of the United States, has made a statement expecting the world to simply accept the truth of his assertion simply because the statement is his.

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Louisiana capitolby Tom Aswell of the Louisiana Voice

 The good people of Alabama need not fear the corruptive influence of former Gov. Donald Siegelman. Women and children may emerge from hiding, confident they are now safe and no longer must be protected from his treachery.

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Yesterday, we were informed that republican PSC  Commissioner Scott Angelle would be throwing his helmet onto the gubernatorial campaign field.   He wants to be our next governor.  After his announcement, I wrote:

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jindal-obamaLandrieu Walks

The Mary Landrieu campaign has turned towards the positive as it released a new television ad titled, “Walked Miles.” The ad is running statewide. The TV ad features retired Navy Capt. Tom Nagelin who walks on a highway to reflect what her campaign says is Landrieu’s long record of supporting the military and military families.

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