Kate Middleton has a reputation as a fashion maven, and showed off her impeccable style this week with a visit to a North London school where wore a pink dress and a new hair style.

Middleton joined comedian John Bishop for a visit to Blessed Sacrament School, where she was checking in on a charity project she launched last year that helps children who have been affected by a parent’s drug or alcohol addiction.

“Those affected by addiction are in desperate need of the highest level of care and treatment; Action On Addiction delivers this brilliantly,” Kate said of the charity efforts.

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Kate Middleton is pregnant again and expecting twin girls, a new report is claiming.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been faced with a seemingly endless string of rumors over the last few months that she is pregnant with baby No. 2 — or No. 2 and No. 3— but those seemed to die down after she was spotted sipping whiskey with husband Prince William.

But a new report from Star magazine claims Kate Middleton is pregnant, and the royal family is close to officially announcing it.

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Kate Middleton has dropped to 98 pounds and is once again pregnant, one major celebrity tabloid reports. However, the ongoing pregnancy rumor seems to be squashed by a photo of Kate and her husband sharing a drink of whiskey together.

The latest report comes from Life & Style magazine, which plastered on its cover a picture of Kate Middleton wearing a dress that exposes the bones in her chest. The report claims that Kate has not only dropped to 98 pounds, but is indeed pregnant with baby No.

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Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant with twins and has already shared the good news with the royal family, though publicly the Duchess of Cambridge remains silent on a possible baby No. 2 (or 3).

Reports this week are claiming that Middleton announced the second pregnancy to the royal family, telling them she is having twin girls. The report also claimed that the palace is close to making an official announcement.

The report, which comes from the June 2 print edition of OK! Magazine, would seem to confirm a flurry of rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant.

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Kate Middleton missed out on a Ralph Lauren charity dinner this week, and while sources say the Duchess had to duck out to take care of her infant son, there is rising speculation that she is actually pregnant and once again suffering morning sickness.

There have been rumors of a second pregnancy circulating for months, though Kate and Prince William have not graced them with a response.

But despite a lack of confirmation, reports of a second pregnancy are picking up steam.

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royal-balcony1After a year of holding her handbags protectively across her tummy, making numerous official toasts by drinking water from wineglasses, and publicly declining peanut-laden appetizers, Kate Middleton is officially pregnant at last! 


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