While Louisiana worries, Jindal's a new man

Thursday, 26 March 2015 14:21

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So, last week, we read that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will be postponing his “official” decision whether or not to take the presidential plunge.   Although many of us believe the decision has been made many moons ago, we are told the decision and announcement will occur only after the current legislative session in early June.  

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campaign-cashby Jim Brown

Louisiana is scheduled to have its presidential primary on March 5th of next year, but there is one little problem.  The state is broke and the Jindal administration has allocated no money for the legally required election.  So what happens next? Does Governor Jindal really want a primary? And is there a way to hold an election for free and get huge national coverage in the process?

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moretBloomberg Business has announced that EuroChem has “shelved” its decision to build a $1.5 billion fertilizer plant in Iberville Parish because of “changes on the financial markets, namely affected access to credit resources.”

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BATON-ROUGE-SKYFrom a tax perspective, Louisiana ranks in the middle when it comes to states best and worst to be rich or to be poor.

In a new survey from WalletHub, Louisiana that considers the best and the worst, Louisiana is not on the high or the low end of any of the findings.  

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Louisiana capitolby Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net
With 2015 being a high-profile election year in the great State of Louisiana, with the governor’s race at the top of the heap, it is not surprising, therefore, that polls are on a roll to detect the views of the state’s voters.

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roemerby Louisiana Representative Tim Burns,

Last week, Dr. Jim Richardson, the LSU economics professor, widely acknowledged to be the Dalai Lama of Louisiana fiscal and tax policy and long-standing member of the state’s Revenue Estimating Committee presented a study of Louisiana tax policy. He was assisted in the study by two economics professors from Tulane University, Dr. Steven Sheffrin and Dr. James Alm. The study was commissioned by House Speaker Chuck Kleckley and Senate President John Alario and paid for by the legislature and Tulane University.

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jindal-waveWe all know that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is a traveler.  He seems to be constantly crisscrossing the country in his unlikely and quixotic quest to obtain national office.  But now he says he is also the unrivaled champion of governors who travel all over the Bayou State.  In a recent interview to the Monroe News-Star, Jindal is quoted saying:  “I believe I’ve been to more places as governor than any other governor before me inside the state of Louisiana.”  All the governors I have known, going back to John McKeithen, would strongly disagree. 

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kennedy-officeThe February 2015 Net Receipts Report shows that total state revenue thus far for 2014-2015 was $5.320 billion, a one percent decrease compared to that time last year. Total revenues also were down one percent in January compared to the previous year, reflecting weak personal income tax collections and falling severance tax receipts. 

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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Shreveport City Council voted Tuesday afternoon to appoint Scott Wolverton as the new Shreveport Fire Chief.

Mayor Ollie Tyler selected Scott Wolverton as the new Shreveport Fire Chief last month out of 36 candidates. Tyler selected him from six finalists who are current or retired Shreveport Fire Department employees.

"I'm really glad to get the confirmation done.

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Wjindal-wifeell, the reign of Bobby Jindal is coming to an end thankfully. He is weeks away from delivering his final address to the Louisiana Legislature. His speech will undoubtedly focus on his agenda to deal with the state’s horrific fiscal problems. We are facing a $1.6 billion deficit and the options are not very palatable.

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