cassidyThe Senate Race.  Republicans have mastered the art of shooting themselves in the foot and in the process losing elections.  Congressman Bill Cassidy, the Republican hopeful to defeat Senator Mary Landrieu (D), has taken the first step toward suicide by foot. 

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Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards announced today that he is running for Congress. He is in the race for the 6th Congressional District. Congressman Bill Cassidy is vacating that seat to run for U.S. Senate.

Edwards made the announcement at Press Club Monday afternoon. The four-time governor used the Press Club as the location to announce his first run for governor in 1970.

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Former Gov. Edwin Edwards will be the guest speaker at Press Club and some people expect him to make a big announcement.

It is likely Edwards will talk about his future plans and a possible run for Congress.

Edwards said recently he was considering running for the 6th Congressional District. Congressman Bill Cassidy is vacating the seat to run for Senate.

The luncheon should begin around noon. Edwards' remarks will be streamed live.

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The political scene has plenty to discuss today as the oil and gas industry has filed suit against Louisiana AG Buddy Caldwell, the Democratic Party (at least throughout the nation, but likely not in Louisiana) seem to support Democrats handling much of government, except for the all-important economy and Tea Party favorite Rob Maness has taken a shot against his competition Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy on the flood insurance disaster issue.

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christieHow’s Bobby doing?
For the past year, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal has been running around the country as chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association telling all who would listen what a great job he is doing as governor of Louisiana.

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vitter-jindalIt’s nothing new for Landrieu
    According to a new poll from Southern Media and Opinion Research (SMOR) of Baton Rouge,  Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu is in hot water with some Louisiana voters.

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congress-fightMany of the Louisiana political antennas rose on Thursday when Bernie Pinsonat and SMOR’s (Southern Media and Opinion Research) issued its fall statewide poll numbers.

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food-fightAs we approach the last Thanksgiving prior to the elections 2014, you can bet extra helpings of cranberry sauce and a scoop or so of corn dressing  that the candidates currently running for the U.S. Senate spot for the State of Louisiana hope their surrogates continue to carve up their opponents like a well-sliced butterball Turkey.

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                    The dysfunctional government situation that exists today in the U.S. Congress has American voters saying, “Throw the bums out.”  

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mean-halloweenA Political Trick or Treat for you:  

While Tea Party favorite Rob Maness has little name-recognition and is far behind in the polls and in money raising, there is a legitimate question to ask—can and will he be a difference maker in the United States Senate race currently being led by democrat incumbent Mary Landrieu followed by Republican Bill Cassidy.

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