drain swamp gatorIs President-elect Donald Trump truly "draining the swamp"?  So far, to the satisfaction of one person who certainly knows a thing or two about swamps and getting rid of its most fierce predators, the gator--Trump is on course.

According to retired-Air Force Colonel Rob Maness, a Tea Party favorite and twice candidate for the Louisiana US Senate spot, despite criticism from the media, Trump is definitely doing a good job with the transition and yes, he is cautiously optimistic that what one might call the filthy-sludge or Wasshington DC, is draining

trump twitter earthFor some reason, last night, when looking at the latest twitter storm conducted by Donald Trump, my mind wandered onto some of the great US Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan.  To me, the very notion that very shortly, Donald J. Trump will join the exclusive fraternity of American brotherhoods—American Presidents, is staggering.

steinWho would have thought the craziest election in American history would evolve into the nuttiest transition?

Not me.  Quite frankly, I thought we would enjoy some sanity, if only for a day or perhaps, two.  But, this weekend shows how fleeting a serious moment can be in the "world of Donald Trump".


pipesIs Obamacare really broken or can it be fixed?  If it is impossible to mend, will efforts to remove and replace it going to cause more problems than simply leaving it alone?

One of the major issues in the 2016 election was the future of Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.   There are those who believe that the law is better than what previously existed, yet needs to be fixed.  There are others who feel it is an abomination and needs to be repealed and replaced.

trumpcare“Real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing Obamacare”

Or so candidate Donald Trump told us throughout the campaign and particularly days before he was elected to be the next President of the United States.

all in family trumpThe President elect-Donald Trump has recently stated that four members of his family would be on the transition team.  This sent shockwaves to many,  During the election, I outlined how Trump could be embedded in so many potential conflicts that it could make our heads spin. True, other Presidents of the United States have had assets and holdings, but to his business credit and expertise, none of them are as extensive and vast as The Donald's.

jindal cavutoThe US Senate contest is between Foster Campbell and John Kennedy, democrat vs. republican. The task for Campbell to overcome the lead that Kennedy currently has based upon the elections results is difficult. Some believe Campbell will have an anguishing time given the groundswell of support Donald Trump, also a Republican, has in the state.  So, what does Campbell do to maintain a positive association to Trump while helping to build a wedge between Kennedy and Trump?

trump smokeI have frequently mentioned that Donald Trump would have a serious conflict-of-interest issue should he be elected President of the United States.

When doing so, I have often received responses such as well, "what about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation"?

blind trustThe presidential election smoke is clearing, the concession speech and political peace pipes are being smoked.  Donald Trump slew the Hillary Clinton dragon.  The Democrats failed in their bid to overtake the Republicans in Congress.

stronger greatToday we face our future whether we are ready or not, whether we want to or not. 

It's Trump vs. Clinton.

I prefer neither, but, given the choice, I can't go with Trump.  However, I respect the opinions of those who have decided to push the Trump button.

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