skeleton 2We have are living a budgetary nightmare here in Louisiana as the Chief Economist for the Louisiana legislature essentially describing the state in a "recession"

On Sunday, a special session to fix, or try to fix a roughly $900 million dollar hole and a $2 billion dollar ditch will commence.

rumble 2The Revenue Estimating Conference REC has presented the updated Louisiana fiscal house disaster, the Louisiana legislature special session is about to start. 

Are you ready to rumble?

After all, how do you describe a budget crisis situation for a state that will run out of money to pay for expected and some say needed services for this year in the estimated amount of $900 million and now over $2 billion for the following fiscal year?

louisiana washington wayIf anybody is expecting Louisiana to move away from Washignton DC-style politics, I'm almost ready to take bets against such a notion. 

With the state budget in the toilet, instead of our leaders getting together to make some deals so we can get out of this mess, we have so far seen a lot of brass knuckles-style political theater that gets a lot of attention, but, creates logjams and gridlock, beltway style.

chessIsn’t it time to stop playing those political games?  Louisiana is on the brink of another man-made disaster, this time, the budget hole, being strengthened by a devastating low-pressure system sucking down, into the dark cavity, our education and healthcare institutions.   

vitter edwardsEver since December 2015, when the Jon Bel Edwards transition team first reported it had a serious budget hole in both the current and the next fiscal years, the drums began to beat to a crescendo-- blaming the incoming governor. 

NOT OKThe horses are now in place for what might be a legendary budget showdown at the not-so-ok Louisiana capitol corral in Baton Rouge.

A new governor, Jon Bel Edwards, has inherited a nightmare of horror, a budgetary hole left by his predecessor, former Presidential hopeful and absentee landlord leader, republican Bobby Jindal, who is now living high on the hog at his own private mansion paid for the taxpayers.  Yet, Jindal’s boys and loyalists--  some who wear their hands dirty after sucking dry our well full of billion dollars, are now getting armed for the big fight.  And, it’s a’comin.

edwardsLouisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards indicated today that the state needs the sales tax increase of one penny, however, he also indicated that he wanted to work together with the legislature to meet middle ground and that it was one of a menu of items for the legislature to consider.

kennedy johnWhen John Kennedy, the Treasurer of Louisiana talks budget, voters listen.  They liked when he took on Governor Jindal's use of funny money over the past eight years in cobbling together a budget.


The conservatives in Louisiana will like his "no tax" stance, despite a humongous $2.6 billion dollar budget, as projected by the new Governor of Louisiana, Jon Bel Edwards.

However, Kennedy is no longer the candidate for Treasury or the Secretary of the Treasury, but, is also runing for US Senate for a seat becoming vacant this fall.

On Tuesday morning, the folksy Republican US Senate candidate, John N. Kennedy took to the phones for interviews around the state after anouncing his long-awaited candidacy for the top federal office.

wafbI’d be lying if I told you that it’s not frustrating to read or hear intelligent people call others “liars”, when those others, in fact, are not lying at all.

I also promise my best never to call someone a liar—unless I have real uncontroverted facts to support my claim. 

canyon capitol 2"He lied; He broke his promise; Just like a democrat, tax and more taxes; Typical Democratic scare tactics to raise taxes…"

These words have been the siren cries from those (many of them Vitter supporters), who now appear to be in apoplectic gleeful that Louisiana governor Jon Bel Edwards and his newly-found soul mate, Republican Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne, are talking the “T” word, taxes and not the “C” word, cuts.

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