As this is political season, a United States election coming up, and legislators and political parties trying to cover its butt for their own members raising taxes, once again, there is also a defense by the John Bel Edwards administration to offset what I call BS (and what they call politely calling “myths”).  

The issue is, is the budget $2 billion dollars more this year, than last year?

Say what?

Former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch had an unexpected powwow at the Phoenix airport, on Monday.

Today, was one of those “Eureka” moments.
I’ve been using video and online technology for roughly ten years, engaging in online interviews, political talk shows, talk radio live webcasts, collaborative online meetings and so much more.

According to certain (conservative to right-wing) legislators and bloggers (and their loyal followers) who are always going to push an agenda, to make Democrats and Governor John Bel Edwards look like he is "a liar" and "a tax and spender", we just wasted this spring and summer raising a lot of taxes, we did not need to raise.

Who are some of the big winners and losers from the recent Louisiana legislative special session that ended  Thursday night of last week? 

This was one of the first questions I asked Greg Hilburn as he was driving in from Baton Rouge to New Orleans early  Friday morning.

The Louisiana legislative session is history. It ended Thursday night, at midnight and now the question is-- what happened?

Well, we raised taxes, again although some say, there was no need to do so.  The Republicans have taken credit for successfully plugging the tax dike.  Some say Governor Johnn Bel Edwards was the loser.  Others claim, no, it is the House of Representatives conservative republicans.  And still, others say it is the taxpayers who actually lost.

As anticipated, the Louisiana Republican Party leaders have taken credit for stopping the invading army of tax hogs descending upon the state.   After the prior special session, despite a GOP-Democratic-Edwards coalition, they pinned the tax tale increase solely on John Bel Edwards and his band of donkeys. Today, via email, the party said:

From the right, they say, the House must come down, the government is failing “we the people”.

They cry: "We need another American Revolution and the political messiah must come from the outside, not from within". 

“Let Trump be Trump”.

That was the campaign cry of one--Corey Lewandowski.  Trump’s family members prevailed forcing the once- combative campaign manager to be nicely police-escorted out of the Trump towers after getting axed.  The also once-loyal master, in the latest installment of Trump Campaign Apprentice TV show had finally spoken and Corey quickly became a rerun.

America is at a crossroads.  This is America’s last chance but it must be achieved by a leader and a message from outside of the system, not from within.

This is the message of Jeff Crouere’s first book, properly titled, America’s Last Chance, which has just been published and released, for sales.

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