Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

DETERRENCE-FIRE''we find them (the pictures insulting to muslims) offensive, and we certainly understand why muslims would find these images offensive. anti-muslim images are as unacceptable as anti-semitic images, anti-christian images, or any other religious belief.”



“fags, dykes, homos, fairies, lesbos, queers, fudge packers, muff divers, perverts, hell awaits you.” 


“homo sex a threat to national security.”

Optimized-romney-redthis has been a hell of a bad week for republicans. no one can wreck the gop like the gop can:

-it’s been disclosed that even now, today, willard mitt romney is making millions of dollars outsourcing u.s. workers’ jobs to china, closing an illinois factory to pursue cheaper labor and excess profits in communist china; what’s worse, adding insult to injury, the displaced workers are being compelled to train their chinese replacements before they get sent to the welfare lines.


Optimized-boycott-nola1last night i attended an informational forum entitled “public forum on journalism: where do we go from here?” at loyola university’s nunemaker auditorium. it was presented as a conversation with the public about the future of journalism.

while media insiders and new media fans were probably enthralled with what transpired, I don’t think it was the conversation that a lot of the people of new orleans were wanting.


Optimized-boycott1now that the niceties are officially over, let’s sum up briefly where we are in the great new orleans newspaper war, shall we:

-anyone who disagrees with the little dick mathews/newhouse clan’s dismantling of our daily paper goes straight into a newhouse file labeled “noise”.

-the impressive “v.i.p. letter” signed by everyone from tom benson to archie manning to business and community leaders to the pope etc. is being used as toilet paper by the smug ownership of the paper.

-the 10,000-signature petition to the owners calling for a return to daily newspaper publications is facing a similar fate as the v.i.p. letter.

all the genteel attempts at civil discourse between new orleanians and our newspaper’s carpetbagging owners have been disdainfully rejected by an arrogant corporate family. and to that i say, thank god that’s over with! because if you’ve read my stuff before you know that none of this comes as a surprise to yours truly. these failed attempts at persuasion only delayed the inevitable next phase of the war of the newspaper.


July is one of the hottest months of the year in New Orleans and it’s time to turn up the heat on the management of the newly disfigured SomeTimes Picayune. Their insistence that they will reduce daily print editions of the TP and herd us like cattle to their cookie cutter website, regardless of what their public desires, can spark a real revolt against an uncaring and arrogant media conglomerate .

roberts CJ

a few words on obamacare: stunned, in a good way.

whatever supreme court chief justice john roberts was smoking, send me a bowl full please.

the gop are crying about obamacare as if they’ve been crucified, but it was their supreme court judge who drove the last nail into their cross, their judge who fashioned their crown of thorns. roberts’ vote was the deciding vote.

by the way, those injuries will now be covered by obamacare.

Optimized-boycott1boycott nola.com to make its owners listen

why is the ownership of the some-times-picayune and its bastard child nola.com shafting the people of south louisiana? the answer is simple: because they are greedy and smug and stupid. they’ve already made crystal clear that the letters, and rallies, and vip statements imploring them to reconsider mean less than nothing to them. they’re ignoring us.

so much news in so little time



so much news in such a short time. lets’ review what’s been happening lately across this great land, shall we? several topics to hit today:


history-world2the bishops of the american catholic church are at the vanguard of the teabag political movement, marching in lockstep with their fellow evangelical fascists who want to control every aspect of people’s personal lives. they don’t want to pay for their employees’ health care like everyone else, yet they want to mandate, by law, for everyone else how to maintain the sanctity of their sperm and ovaries. it’s called hypocrisy.

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