Google Power: Winning Your Political Campaign

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 Google Power: WINNING your Political Campaign

Google Power: WINNING your Political Campaign 

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Take our exciting one-hour interactive survey course showing you the enormous Power of Google for your political research, communications and promotions. A "must" for anyone involved in campaigns, elections and issues.


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Cost: $20.00

Who should attend:  You--if you are interested in politics, issues or government. 

You will Learn:   Why Google search, Google Hangouts, Google +, Adwords and other free and paid Google products are a must, in winning.  You will receive an overview how to integrate with G-power.

If politics, government or issues are your interest or passion, do you have what it takes to get or stay ahead?  Do you have G-Power? G-Power as in google-politics2Google hangouts, Google+ Google search, integrated Google technologies and more?  After all, Google dominates the Internet where your audience resides.   “More than 1.1 billion people use Google search each month, making 114 billion searches. Google's Android operating system is found on 79% of smartphones. Google Maps is the most used smartphone app, employed by 54% of smartphone users.  

And, that’s for starts.  Google+ and Youtube are number 2 and 3 respectively in social media.  Then, there’s Google hangouts-- the “killer app” of politics and government. This dynamic webinar will help you become more competitive and efficient and most importantly, a winner.  

Your training will not end when the webinar ends.  We will provide to you WINNING Google links and videos for your further education--FREE

INSTRUCTOR: Stephen Sabludowsky J.D., Publisher of Bayoubuzz.com


Google Power: WINNING your Political Campaign 


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