Jindal Confuses Religious Liberty With State-Sanctioned Bigotry

  // Sunday, 11 May 2014 05:01 //
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Yesterday, shortly after receiving an honorary degree in front of a packed crowd at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal delivered the commencement’s keynote address. Jindal had already previewed the speech to the media. It would be an elaboration of a speech on religious liberty that he gave in February at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, and clearly, he was hoping that people would pay attention. To some, it was notable that Jindal debuted his newly adopted thesis on religious liberty at a library honoring a President who, rather famously, never went to church.

President Reagan may have courted the religious right and helped provide the so-called “Moral Majority” with political legitimacy, but Jindal’s attempt to present Reagan as a leader who shared his religious beliefs was ham-handed at best. Liberty University was a much more obvious venue. Jerry Falwell, after all, was once the country’s most well-known Christian evangelical activist.

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