Getting in the zone

  // Wednesday, 20 August 2014 19:35 //

The helmets move in sync, across a straight line, moving diagonally to the right side of the field as soon as the ball is snapped.

Running back Mark Ingram is handed the ball. Senio Kelemete misses his assignment, letting a defensive lineman to get into the backfield. Right tackle Thomas Welch takes off up the field to block someone in the second level. Everyone else keeps pushing right.

Ingram follows his men and immediately hits the hole opened by right guard Jason Weaver and tight end Josh Hill.

Defenders are closing in. It looks like the play will go into the books as a gain of 6 or 7 yards. Instead, Ingram spins out of an arm tackle by Rams safety Cody Davis, turning a decent run into a gain of 22.

This is the latest, greatest example of the Saints’ outside zone-blocking scheme coming together to harvest positive results for the running game.

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