Obama to repeal biological laws for reproductive equality.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 09:11 Written by
State-funded research proves existence of Quantum Aggression Particles (Heterons) in Large Hadron Collider Student job opportunities: make big bucks this summer as Hillary’s Ordinary-American; all expenses paid, travel, free acting lessons Experts debate whether Iranian negotiators broke John Kerry's leg or he did it himself to get out of negotiations Junior Varsity takes Ramadi, advances to quarterfinals US media to GOP pool of candidates: 'Knowing
ISIS Beheads Civilian Women and Husbands Citing Witchcraft
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 08:42 Written by
The richest terrorist organization across the globe continues an unbridled trail of terror. The Islamic State also known as IS and ISIS captured two Syrian civilian women and their husbands. The group claimed the married couples were performing acts of witchcraft, and sentenced them to death. The couples were beheaded and displayed for others in a way to force control through fear. While ISIS typically reserves the gruesome action for men, sources report the group…
A.M. Links: Obama Plans Executive Action on Overtime, Rand Paul Courts Marijuana Donors, Chris Christie Launches White House Bid
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 07:59 Written by
Credit: White House / Flickr.comPresident Obama plans to take executive action this week to expand overtime eligibility rules in retail stores and restaurants.Rand Paul has become "the first major-party presidential candidate to publicly court donations from the pot industry."Greece is now just hours away from defaulting on its bailout debt to the IMF.ISIS has beheaded two women in eastern Syria.Chris Christie is officially launching his 2016 presidential campaign today.Republican presidential hopeful Jeb
More overtime on the way? Obama proposes broader coverage
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 07:53 Written by
WASHINGTON (AP) — They’re called managers, and they sometimes work grueling schedules at fast food chains and retail stores. But with no overtime eligibility, their pay may be lower per hour than many workers they supervise. With those employees in mind, the Obama administration is proposing making up to 5 million more people eligible for overtime — its latest effort to boost pay for lower-income workers. These workers would benefit from rules requiring businesses to…
How Obama’s legacy got a big boost
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 07:45 Written by
Last week was certainly a high point for President Barack Obama. Let’s use the vantage point of that height to gain a little perspective on his legacy. The President’s opponents like to portray him as a leader who is great at making speeches but lacks substantive achievements. But one doesn’t need flowery rhetoric to illustrate the enormous successes this President has accomplished. A simple bullet-point list will do: – He took an important step
Brazile: How Obama's legacy got a big boost
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 07:39 Written by
(CNN) - Last week was certainly a high point for President Barack Obama. Let's use the vantage point of that height to gain a little perspective on his legacy. Why an Iran nuclear deal is good for U.S.U.S. bombers on standby as nuclear talks near endCan same-sex marriage make America
Iran deal: Why a smart mom (or dad) could do better. Lessons in statecraft that I learned from mothercraft
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 06:10 Written by
After watching the twists and turns of negotiations with Iran over the last year, I’m convinced that a savvy mom could negotiate a better deal than our experienced diplomats. Why? Because our diplomats seem lacking in good, old-fashioned common sense, which parents need in abundance to survive. I’ve studied nuclear weapons at MIT, philosophy at Oxford and politics at George Washington University, but some of the most important lessons I ever learned were as a…
Iran's nuclear talks: Five reasons why a deal would be good for the U.S.
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 05:49 Written by
Story highlightsThe value of a nuclear deal with Iran has been lost amid criticism of the talks, writes Trita ParsiParsi: A deal prevents war with Iran and will encourage the country's moderatesParsi: U.S. is in desperate need of an injection of political moderation in the region Trita Parsi is the founder and president of the National Iranian American council and the author of "A Single Roll of the Dice -
US intelligence thinks Bashar al-Assad could use chemicals on a massive scale
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 04:58 Written by
By: Pamela Engel Despite assurances that the regime of Syria's Bashar al-Assad had given up the country's stockpile of chemical weapons, US intelligence suspects that the regime could use large-scale chemical weapons attacks to maintain control of government strongholds, The Wall Street Journal reports. US officials believe the Assad regime has created a new type of chemical bomb filled with chlorine and obtained the chemicals needed to make nerve agents sarin or VX, according
Russia is not the Main Enemy
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 01:16 Written by
One of the most disturbing and dangerous dimensions of the contemporary world political panorama is the growing tension between the United States and the Russian Federation. Future historians will try to find an explanation involving the staggering blindness of the leadership of both countries. The problem is not complicated. While the United States is presented as number one enemy of Russia, and vice versa, the simple truth is that it is radical Islam that constitutes…
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