Countering the Islamist Violence Rising in Egypt

Saturday, 01 August 2015 10:39 Written by
By Mokhtar Awad and Brian KatulisSmoke rises from an Egyptian naval vessel, off coast of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, on July 16. The Egyptian military said in a statement that a coast guard vessel had exchanged shots with militants off the coast of northern Sinai. European Pressphoto Agency The Egyptian government’s policies of repression are motivating a new generation of Islamists to turn to violence, and the Obama administration’s delivery of sophisticated weapons…
New Progressive Law From the World of Next Tuesday
Friday, 31 July 2015 22:32 Written by
Shocking new book explores pros and cons of socialism, discovers they are same people Pope outraged by Planned Parenthood's "unfettered capitalism," demands equal redistribution of baby parts to each according to his need John Kerry accepts Iran's "Golden Taquiyya" award, requests jalapenos on the side Citizens of Pluto protest US government's surveillance of their planetoid and its moons with New Horizons space drone John Kerry proposes 3-day waiting period for all
US-trained rebels fighting ISIS are failing miserably
Friday, 31 July 2015 20:35 Written by
Has anyone seen the US-trained rebels who were dispatched from Turkey to battle ISIS in northern Syria? The Obama administration certainly hasn’t — though it spent $4 million apiece to get these men battle-ready. In fact, the administration was the last to learn that an al Qaeda affiliate had captured the group’s leader and several of his soldiers right after they entered Syria. Nadeem al-Hassan is the leader of Division 30, a unit of
Amb. Bolton: Obama doesn’t give national security the priority he should
Friday, 31 July 2015 20:17 Written by
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Can the U.S. Counter ISIS on Social Media?
Friday, 31 July 2015 17:04 Written by
Oleg Zabielin via Getty Images The continued success of ISIS in using social media platforms for global recruitment has frustrated American officials. In an internal State Department memo published by the New York Times last month, undersecretary of public diplomacy Richard Stengel commented on the common perception amongst US allies who likened the terror organization's global expansion to that of Starbucks franchises. Led by the inter-agency Center for Strategic Counterterrorism
Ted Cruz Tells Obama And Clinton To Stop Rubbing Their Lithe Bodies All Over Islamic Tyrants
Friday, 31 July 2015 13:11 Written by
Ted Cruz has apparently had enough of all the Hitler rhetoric over the Iran nukes deal, and is now suggesting that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry want to have a hot swinger foursome with Iran and maybe even a big ol’ sex-pile with other Enemies Of America. In a Wednesday radio interview with bile-fueled hatebot Dana Loesch, Cruz whined that it’s
More Than 5,000 Airstrikes and ISIS Is as Strong as Ever
Friday, 31 July 2015 12:50 Written by
The U.S-led coalition effort against ISIS is coming dangerously close to stalling out. On Friday, the Associated Press reported American intelligence agencies believe the terror group hasn’t grown any weaker in the year since the U.S. began its bombing campaign that has now seen more than 5,600 airstrikes. Related: U.S. Price Tag for War on ISIS Now More than $3 Billion “We’ve seen no meaningful degradation in their numbers,” according to an anonymous defense official,…
Peter Brookes: Obama lacks a plan for Syria
Friday, 31 July 2015 12:30 Written by
Tired of the bantering about the deeply flawed Iran nuclear deal? No worries, there are plenty of other scary scenarios to mull over during your morning coffee beyond the ayatollahs splitting atoms. For instance, what’s our plan for when the regime of Syria’s Bashar Assad falls? Yes, I said “falls.” If you haven’t noticed, things are looking pretty darned bleak for Bashar & the Boys. Assad even admitted on Sunday that his army is suffering…
The horrific truth about ISIS
Friday, 31 July 2015 12:25 Written by
Text smallerText bigger How did a movement once dismissed by President Obama as “the JV team” become a serious threat, not only to stability in the Middle East, but to the U.S. itself? It’s a question raised by many Americans disturbed by daily reports of unimaginable atrocities by the self-declared Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL, as it has stormed its way across huge swaths of Syria and Iraq and
US–Turkey cooperation on ISIS is bad news for Kurds
Friday, 31 July 2015 12:15 Written by
via The Conversation A deadly week in Turkey has pulled Ankara closer to the US in the fight against ISIS and led to an emergency meeting on Tuesday during which NATO members expressed support for bombing strikes carried out by the Turkish government. But those strikes should raise concerns in the US about the Kurds who are also being targeted by Turkish attacks. A violent week The transformative week in Turkey began on July 20…

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