Let Congress fix its mistakes first.

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Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2015, 1:08 AM By Whitt Flora At first blush, privatizing Amtrak and bringing free-market efficiency to this shabby, inefficiently run wreck of a railroad seems like a bright idea. Bright, that is, until you try to answer the obvious first question. What privately run corporation with a fiduciary responsibility to its employees and shareholders would even begin to consider buying such a disaster? The obvious answer is none, which means
Congress obstructing growth: Venkaiah
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BHUBANESWAR: Union urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday criticized the Congress for playing 'politics of obstructionism' and urged non-Congress parties, including BJD, not to 'fall prey' to its ploy. Addressing a news conference here on completion of one year of NDA government at the Centre, Naidu said Congress was misleading the people on the proposed land bill. "During 10 years of UPA regime, over 2 lakh acre of lands were acquired for private parties.
State Supreme Court upholds same sex marriage law
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The Hawaii Supreme Court has dismissed a legal challenge led by State Rep. Bob McDermott to the state’s Marriage Equality Act. Ruling that McDermott and other plaintiffs were not harmed or injured by the 2013 law, Supreme Court justices said they had no standing to challenge the law, according to a press release from the Attorney General’s Office.. “The most important part of the Supreme Court’s ruling was its conclusion that the
Supreme Court ‘One Person, One Vote’ Test Could Impact San Diego County
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Aired 5/27/15 on KPBS Midday Edition. Supreme Court ‘One Person, One Vote’ Test Could Impact San Diego County GUESTS: Dan Eaton, attorney, Seltzer, Caplan, McMahon & Vitek Carl Luna, political science professor, San Diego Mesa College Transcript The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that may define how political districts are drawn, and the outcome may have a ripple effect that reaches voting districts in San Diego County. At issue
US Court orders state department to release Hillary Clinton’s emails monthly
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Washington: A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the State Department to release batches of Hillary Rodham Clinton's email correspondence from her time as the nation's top diplomat every 30 days starting on June 30. US District Judge Rudolph Contreras also laid out completion targets for the agency to meet, as it begins unveiling the 55,000 pages of emails sent from the personal email address that Clinton used while serving as secretary of state.A federal judge…
COKIE AND STEVE ROBERTS: When will Hillary Clinton start answering questions?
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It’s a start. A small one. Hillary Clinton answered six questions in five minutes during a campaign stop in Iowa, making no news and giving prepackaged statements we’ve heard many times before. She has to do a lot better than that. Neither the press -- nor her Republican opponents -- will let Clinton get away with a campaign strategy that continues to isolate her from meaningful media encounters. The Washington Post has
Calls to postpone Fifa presidential election after corruption arrests
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The US Department of Justice has outlined 12 schemes it alleges the Fifa officials and executives arrested yesterday were involved with, dating as far back as 1993. Payments and kickbacks are alleged to have been made during the organisation of various cup competitions, including the Copa Americas, the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Do Brazil in South America, the Concacaf Gold Cup and Champions League - decades' worth of World Cup Qualifiers in the Caribbean
Congress Hits Back, Says Modi running to RSS with a 'pernicious' hidden agenda
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He attacked Modi saying he runs an "over-centralised" government and it will not go too far if it continues like this. In a dig at him, he said Modi has transformed from Chief Minister of Gujarat to Chief Minister of India. Chidambaram, who held Finance and Home portfolios during the tenures of UPA government, dismissed criticism that Congress was adopting obstructionism in Parliament and said as Opposition its duty was to raise issues.
From CM of Gujarat, Modi has become CM of India, says Congress leader Chidambaram
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Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Thursday rejected Prime Minister Narendra Modi's veiled charge that Sonia Gandhi was an "unconstitutional authority" and instead accused the BJP and the government of "running to" RSS with a "pernicious" hidden agenda. Taking a dig at the Prime Minister, he said that Modi has transformed "from Chief Minister of Gujarat to Chief Minister of India". "He (Modi) still functions like he is Chief Minister. He is not
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CIA TRAINED ISIS JIHADISTS IN SYRIA ACCORDING TO DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS THAT MEDIA IGNORED By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri Posted 1:00 AM Eastern May 28, 2015 2015NewsWithViews.com U.S. intelligence documents released to a government watchdog confirms the suspicions that the United States and some of its so-called coalition partners had actually facilitated the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as an effective adversary against the government

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