Bob McDonnell's wife's behavior was "challenging," trial witness says

Monday, 18 August 2014 17:38
PlayVideoCBS This Morning Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on trial for corruption, blames wife's "crush" for gifts While McDonnell is charged with conspiracy and fraud for allegedly accepting inappropriate gifts while living in the governor's mansion, his marr... RICHMOND, Va. -- Former Gov. Bob McDonnell struggled to rein in his wife's erratic behavior, causing turmoil throughout the executive staff and nearly prompting a mass resignation among workers in the governor's mansion, a defense witness testified…
Syrian chemical weapons destroyed, but concerns continue, Obama says
Monday, 18 August 2014 17:38
PlayVideoSaturday U.N. Security Council votes 15-0 to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons The 15 member U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a plan to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons arsenal late Friday night. If Syria doesn't... WASHINGTON -- President Obama says the elimination of Syria's declared chemical weapons stockpile marks an important achievement in the effort to counter the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
Obama: Black youth face more run-ins with criminal justice system
Monday, 18 August 2014 17:38
August 18, 2014, 6:04 PM|Following a week of public outrage at the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., the president talked about how initiatives like the White House's "My Brother's Keeper," which looks at the best public and private efforts to connect young men with mentoring networks and to help them cultivate skills to get ahead, can help get young men on a better track.
Obama urges Ferguson authorities, protesters: Don’t “simply holler at each other”
Monday, 18 August 2014 17:38
August 18, 2014, 5:42 PM|The president during a news conference called for “understanding” after more than a week of public outrage at the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer in Missouri.
Obama: Iraq has made “major step” toward reclaiming control of Mosul Dam
Monday, 18 August 2014 17:38
August 18, 2014, 5:22 PM|Addressing the situation in Iraq, the president announced during a news conference that Iraqi and Kurdish forces, with the help of the U.S., had taken a major step forward in retaking the Mosul dam which had been captured by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
Advocates urge U.S. top court not to block gay marriage in Virginia
Monday, 18 August 2014 17:38
By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Gay marriage supporters on Monday asked the U.S. Supreme Court not to block a court ruling that would allow same-sex couples to wed in Virginia. Lawyers for gay and lesbian couples who want to get married urged U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts not to grant an emergency stay application filed by a Republican elected official in Northern Virginia. Prince William County Clerk of the Court Michele McQuigg on Thursday…
Obama sending Holder to Ferguson
Monday, 18 August 2014 17:35
President Obama announced Monday that he will send Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson, Missouri, to take stock of the tense situation there and predicted that Congress will re-evaluate the merits of federal programs that arm local police with military gear. “There is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement. And we don’t want those lines blurred — that would be contrary to our traditions,” Obama said.
Obama dispatches Eric Holder to Ferguson in wake of shooting
Monday, 18 August 2014 16:38
Last Updated Aug 18, 2014 5:15 PM EDT PlayVideoU.S. Police clash with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri Video shows countless demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri, colliding with police in tactical gear, hours after Reverend Al Sharpton visited the t... Attorney General Eric Holder will travel to Ferguson, Mo., Wednesday, President Obama announced Monday, making him the first high-level U.S. official to visit the St.
Texas Governor Perry's legal fight casting shadow on possible 2016 run
Monday, 18 August 2014 16:38
By Jon Herskovitz AUSTIN Texas (Reuters) - Texas Governor Rick Perry will fight a two-count felony indictment brought against him last week for abuse of power by a state grand jury, his lawyers said on Monday, calling the prosecution "outrageous." The indictment has cast a shadow over a possible 2016 Republican presidential run for Perry, with experts saying the legal wrangling is expected to be lengthy and coincide with the election cycle.
Obama sending AG Holder to Missouri
Monday, 18 August 2014 16:35
After another night of violent clashes between police and protesters in Ferguson, Mo., Gov. Jay Nixon issued executive order early Monday calling in the National Guard to maintain order as tensions over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, continue to rise. Check back here for live updates. Update, 11:15 a.m. ET: Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New…

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